Saturday, 16 January 2016

Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner

Lately, I'm getting more and more obsessed with the brand Collection. It's really affordable, but also great quality. What could be better?

Since I'm liking this brand so much, I decided to try their felt tip liner, because I just find felt tip liners are so easy to apply. So I picked up the Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner in Black 1 from Superdrug for a mere £2.99. Fantastic price eh?

I quite like the packaging. It's simple, black and classy. Also, unlike Collection's lasting perfection concealer, the writing on the packaging doesn't fade after a while. I know it doesn't really effect the actual product itself, but I do like the fact that the packaging remains nice-looking. 

The felt tip itself is one of my favourites out of any liner I've tried. The tip is fairly thick, but also pointed, meaning you can apply a thick wing, but precisely. Also, the tip doesn't become soft and flimsy with use, so you can always apply a sharp winged eyeliner effect. 

Now onto the actual formula itself. This is something that really impressed me. I couldn't believe how pigmented it is when I swatched it. Considering it's pretty cheap, it does a fantastic job. And what's even better is the fact that the eyeliner doesn't dry up or crack throughout the day. 

The lasting power is pretty impressive too. I don't think it says it's waterproof, but I think it is because it even survives the shower! The eyeliner lasts all day long, providing you don't rub your eyes. If you do accidentally smudge your eyes, the liner doesn't completely come off, it just fades slightly. So it's not completely transfer resistant, but I can't complain because it does the job.

Overall I would rate this product a 9/10 and I've already been raving on about it to friends because I'm pretty chuffed with this purchase. I'm certain this will be my go-to liner from now on, because it's perfect for everyday use. Have you tried this eyeliner before, and what do you think of the brand Collection? Let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

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