Saturday, 16 April 2016

Real Techniques Starter Set

I've had this review planned for ages now, and I've really wanted to share my experience with these particular brushes because they've become my new go-to brushes. The set I brought is called Starter Set by Real techniques and retails for £20.99. Considering the fact you get 5 brushes and a case, I think that's a fair price. Here are my thoughts:

Deluxe crease brush: soft, oversized design for effortless contouring

The shape of this brush is absolutely perfect for getting a detailed and precise contour in the crease of your eye. It's also really light and fluffy which makes blending so much easier. The only thing I would say about this brush is, if you have smaller eyes like me, you really have to be careful only to use the tip. Otherwise the brush is too big just to use to contour.

Base shadow brush: apply a smooth, flawless foundation of color

I think this is my favourite brush of the pack. It's flat and has a big surface, making it perfect to apply a base layer of eyeshadow. I also find it works really well for blending all the colours out at the end, for a flawless finish. 

Accent brush: designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging

This brush, as it says, is amazing for detail. I like to use it for highlighting my tear duct, and adding a bit of definition to the crease for a more sharp look. There are many ways to use this brush so I'm glad they included a little brush in the set. 

Fine liner brush: the ultimate tool for precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner

Although I find this brush too bristly and thick for a liquid or cream eyeliner, I find it works really well for eyeshadow eyelining. I like to use this to apply a small layer of eyeliner on my lower lash line, and to just generally create a smokey eye look. 

Brow brush: distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows 

At first, I was a bit thrown off this brush because it seemed FAR too big to use as a brow brush. But then I realised that if you use it sideways or at an angle it is perfect for filling them in with powder. The tightly packed bristles allow you to precisely fill in your eyebrows for a very sharp look. 

Panoramic case: dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go. Also perfect for drying brushes upside-down

Although I think the packaging of this has changed slightly in appearance now, the concept behind it is still the same. The case doubles as a travel case as well as a stand. You can fold it in half to keep all the brushes inside, or horizontally and tie it to turn it into a stand. I find it really useful to just be able to keep all the brushes in one place. 


I think the design of the brushes is really classy. The hairs on the brushes themselves are black at the bottom, and then white at the top which allows you to see how dirty the brush actually is. The design of the brushes is metallic purple, which I think really stands out from every other brush make. I've had other eyeshadow brushes before, but none of them have compared to the quality of these. They are soft and fluffy so eyeshadows glide on perfectly. What's even better is that the brushes still remain soft after washing, so you know these brushes will last a long time. 

I would rate this set a 9/10. Have you ever tried Real Techniques brushes before, if so let me know what your thoughts are in the comments, 

Izzy K xxx

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