Saturday, 19 November 2016

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick

As a bit of a lipstick addict I was desperately looking for a new shade to add to my collection. So how could I resist Makeup Revolution's Atomic Lipstick for only £1?! Yes that's right, ONE POUND! I think it goes without saying that I added it to my shopping bag, and the shade I picked was Make Me Tonight. But is this lipstick too good to be true?

The first thing I'll talk about is the colour. As far as colour goes, this lipstick is pretty pigmented and true to the colour on the packaging. The initial colour is quite opaque which means you can apply an even colour in just one swipe. However, after a little while the colour can begin to fade.

The formula of this lipstick is admittedly pretty good for the price. I mean it definitely doesn't match the quality of more high-end lippies, but I would definitely say it was worth more than £1. I don't find the colour drying at all, however I find that the lasting power isn't the best. But on the bright side it means you can easily wipe the colour off when you're done for the day, instead of desperately spending days trying to scrub the colour off, like you have to do with some lipsticks. 

One layer of this lipcolour

The taste of this product is pretty average. I mean it's not flavoured like some more expensive lipsticks are. However, it doesn't taste cheap either, so again that's quite impressive for a very affordable lipstick.

So overall would I recommend it? If you're on a budget or need to pick out a certain colour and you don't want to splurge out on an expensive lippie, this is definitely for you. If I'm dressing up and I need a certain colour that I won't often wear, I will definitely be turning to this make. However, I would rate this lipstick a 6/10. I would say it's definitely worth more than the price, but it's not something I'm desperate to repurchase immediately. But I seriously have to say this lipstick definitely does the job and I still can't believe the bargain you get for it. Have you ever tried this lipstick before, if so what did you think?

Izzy K xxx

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