Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blog Update: Fashion & Reviews?

Since January, I've been running a blog about my general life updates.  A couple of months later I decided to start a blog dedicated to reviewing things. But recently I've wanted to start a third genre of blogging: fashion and beauty.

So I'm thinking of doing a little trial run by merging general fashion with reviews on this blog. *Disclaimer* I am in no way saying I know everything there is to know about beauty. Its just something I have an interest in as a hobby. 

What would be new to this blog?

I wanted to add a few more features to my blog.  I'll hopefully be writing about:
  • Favourites (possibly monthly but I haven't decided yet)
  • Style appreciation. I'll write about who my fashion icons are and why I love their style.
  • Nail designs. Nails are literally my obsession. 
  • Makeup advise. I feel like if I share my makeup disasters from the past (and believe me there have been many), it would save people from making the same mistakes I did haha!
  • Wishlists. I've seen quite a few bloggers write wishlists and decided to join the craze. I pretty much spend all day making these mentally so might as well write it on my blog. 
  • Budget Beauty. I'm permanently looking for cheaper alternatives so when I find something good I'll write about it. 

Will I still be writing reviews?

Yes, absolutely! The only reason I decided not to completely change the name of this blog to just "fashion" was because occasionally I might decide to review the odd random thing. E.g. books or films etc. 

I'm just testing this idea for now and if it goes horribly wrong or it's badly received I'll stop. If you're reading this then thank you for putting up with my random change of plan. xxx

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