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Izzynterview With: Crystal Valenzuela

I'm so excited to share this post where I interviewed the amazing Crystal Valenzuela. I found her channel a couple of years ago now and every video she posts leaves me with a giant smile on my face. She makes a variety of videos, including sketches and vlogs and her bubbly personality is just so entertaining to watch. I hope you guys love her channel as much as I do! 

1. How long before discovering YouTube did you decide you wanted to start posting videos?

Okay so I'm going to bring this one back to where it started. I started out by hearing about YouTube from my sister one day when she came home from middle school talking about this guys named Fred that everyone was going crazy about. Now I never did quite get the Fred thing but it did introduce me to this brand-new world; where people would post videos that they created. I personally always loved making people laugh and I was so fascinated by the whole world of movies and entertainment but of course it was kind of a far-fetched thing. At first though all I would do was watch videos for hours and "make my own videos in the mirror" or I'd actually film and edit them, but never posted them because I was too scared. For the longest time! I neglected starting a YouTube channel because I was afraid of what people would think. Finally, come my freshman year of college I was like screw it! I'm posting videos. So it only took me about 8 years or so to start making videos lol.

2. I swear everyone always has a song stuck in their head. What's currently stuck in yours?

Girl, this is a hard one! I have like 20 songs going through my head at all times. Though one that keeps replaying is currently Ariana's new song "No Tears Left To Cry", that intro always gets me. I can't help but stop whatever I'm doing and throw my hands up in slow motion as I tilt my head to the side (Literally laughing at myself as I type this).

4. You have quite a variety of videos on your channel. What type of video is your favourite to make?

I honestly love sharing my life so much with people that I think my favourite videos would be Vlogs. However, I also love love love lip syncing and singing along to my favourite songs of the moment that you basically find me singing along to a song in any of my videos. So, music favorites videos probably come close to vlogs. Honestly, if you follow me on Snapchat (little side promo haha) @crystal3499 you basically catch me doing both those things 24/7.

4. What video would you recommend people new to your channel should watch first and why?

The video I'd recommend watching first would be my "Dear Future Me..." video. I'm very proud of that one as it was my final for my television production class. I'd also recommend any of my vlogs. Seeing any of those is basically what you're gonna get if you subscribe haha.

5. You have documented so many memories through your vlogs. What has been your favourite memory from filming one of your videos?

I would have to say that my favourite video/vlog would be the one for my sisters QuinceaƱera; titled "Zezilia's QuinceaƱera". I enjoy looking back on it and I have gotten so many compliments from family that it makes me so happy. Though, I'm going to be going on a trip real soon, which I think is going to beat that one out :D. I'll be going in the third week of May. I should have the video up by the time this interview goes up. So head over to my channel and check it out :D If it's not up yet, it will be!

6. You honestly have a talent for funny videos and writing sketches, is that something you want to do do more of on your channel?

Sketch videos ARE my favorite!! I definitely want to do more and have so many idea for stetches that I want to do, but I have a limit on actors. My sisters are in that stage where they thing they're too cool (rolls eyes), that it's kind of hard to convince them to help me. A little side cash might do the job or I'll just have to turn it into a one woman show; which I have done before. 

7. What career path are you hoping to pursue?

I would love to do something in the movie industry. Whether it's behind the camera or in front. Don't know how good I'd be in front of the camera lol, but I've always just loved everything to do with making movies. I actually graduated with my associates in television production and plan on going back to University to get my masters in Film Production. I'm hoping that will be soon. I've been delaying it because I'm such a scary cat that the thought of leaving what I'm so used to throws me into a panic and I end up delaying it, again. Right now, I'm working a full-time job at a newspaper but it's not really my forte; which is why I use YouTube to keep challenging myself and exploring my creativity. Currently, I'm floating in life and I'm not liking it, I hope to be soaring within the next year or so. 

8. If you were hypothetically given the opportunity to travel to any city in the world, where would you like to go?

Ahh, another hard one. There are so many places I want to go to! My current obsession is Hawaii. I've been in a rut for so long, that I feel like I need a little get away to a place where you're able to roam free! I also feel like all the nature and beauty of Hawaii would help to spark a little passion in me once again. 

9. Who is your dream youtuber to collab with?

Actually, I don't really have a specific youtuber. There are so many youtubers that I love and enjoy watching that it would be a dream to collab with any of them!

10. And now to finish with a deep one; Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Let's see, in 5 years I'll be 26 turning 27 (shock faced emoji!) I hope to by then have settled myself in a career with production. Honestly, if YouTube is still around within 5 years I don't see why it would't make a good career (wink wink). If not, I've always wanted to work at Warner Bros. I also hope to have travelled outsided of the country because all I've seen is a couple of newarby states and a couple of cities in Mexico (which I don't count because I've been going there since I was born and it's literally like 30 mins from where I live). I don't think I'll have kids by then, but if the munchkins want to come along, I'll happily accept them lol. This is such a hard question because I feel like 5 years is a lot of time for change. What I want now could be completely different from where I'll see myself 5 years from next year. If that makes sense?

A little message from Crystal which I though was really cute...

I just wanted to thank Izzy for considering me for this interview. I honestly feel so honored. I've always felt that I'm a very uninteresting person so the thought that you even wanted to interview me means a lot (wipes tear away). Izzy is the best!! <3 Thank you Izzy <3

Isn't Crystal just the cutest!

I really hope you've enjoyed this interview. Thank you so much Crystal for taking the time to answer my questions. If you haven't already, please check out Crystal's channel. Thanks for reading,

Izzy K xxx

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