Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Baby Lips Lip Balm

This was a product that I had very high hopes for before I brought it. After being convinced my sister, I decided to make a purchase. I brought Hydrate but I believe there are another 5 to choose from.

Baby Lips in "Hydrate"

Baby Lips is by Maybelline and costs £2.99. I either love products by Maybelline or find they don't match the standards of other brands.

A few months ago everyone was seemed to be obsessed with Baby Lips. Personally, I never saw the big deal about them but gave it a go anyway. Admittedly this product makes your lips soft right after application. The taste itself is also good, but I believe the flavoured variations are even better. 

However, I definitely think these lip balms are overrated and people only brought them because they were popular. I thought that they made my lips soft for a while, but after a couple of hours they were completely dried out. That meant I had to apply more to moisturise them, but then they were dried out again in no time! Although it's not a bad marketing technique, I'd rather not have to keep purchasing the same product over and over to stop it making my lips worse. 

My favourite lip balm would still have to be Velvet Rose by Nivea.

I rate Baby Lips Hydrate a 4/10 and will not be repurchasing it as it was not something that particularly impressed me. 

Thanks for reading. What did you think of Baby Lips? 

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