Sunday, 21 September 2014

P.S. Love Natural Look Lashes

Eyelashes have become my new obsession and needless to say I cant stop buying false ones. I spotted these Natural Look Lashes for just £1 at Primark and I just couldn't resist trying them out.
For their extremely cheap price, I must say they do a good job. They are easy to apply (even I managed to do it) and come with glue in the pack. Like most lashes, you can trim them down to fit your eye size. Also, if you remove them well, they are reusable. 
The eyelashes and glue

There were another 2 types of lashes by this brand but they were a bit bolder and thicker looking. I decided I would try the "natural" look first. However, I'm not sure how natural they look or feel. The lashes them self look very long and a bit exagerated. They look great when applied with a bit of eyeliner for a dressed up look. However, you wouldnt be fooling anybody by saying they were real!

I have a cold and look really ill so I'm not going to show my whole face but here's what they look like on: 
Let's just imagine I bothered to put makeup on
 and pretend that I don't look like a mess!

Next time I'm at Primark I will definitely be getting a few more, because for that price I might as well eh? I would rate these affordable lashes a 7/10.

Thanks for reading. I'll answer any questions in the comments xxx

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