Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Style Appreciation: Meghan Trainor vs Sprinkle of Glitter

The theme for this month on Beau Bloggers is "international fashion". I've been admiring both Meghan Trainor and Louise Pentland's (Sprinkle of Glitter) style for quite some time now. I thought why not make this post link to the theme? Despite  Meghan being American and Louise being from the UK, they both appear to have a very similar fashion sense. I don't want to make this post seem like there should be a competition. "Who wore it better, who suits this colour more" etc... I just want to show that multiple people around the globe can wear a similar looks and also take inspiration from each other. 

I guess even Louise spotted the resemblance as 
she made this "All About That Bass" lookbook

The first topic I want to talk about is hair. The two blondes both have gorgeous, long, shiny hair. They have also both rocked pink hair. I think this is one of the most obvious similarities.

Meghan has a few pink highlights...

...And Louise has dip-dyed her hair pink

Both Meghan and Louise seem to adore their skater skirts. Meghan tends to wear black skirts as seen in her "lips are moving" video but I can't imagine Louise doing the same. Instead her choice of colours matches her personality: colourful! Nevertheless, skater skirts seem to be an essential item of clothing in their wardrobes. 

This skirt makes this quirky outfit actually appear quite classy

Very few people could pull this colour off, but Louise is one of them

There is no denying that every dress Meghan and Louise wear is beautiful. They both seem to wear those really cute, girly, floaty dresses which are simply adorable. I am definately inspired to get a little pastle coloured dress for the Summer (I'm thinking really far ahead I know haha!)

This dress manages to be elegant but very colourful at the same time

Here you have it, a floaty, floral, girly dress. How cute!

Another favourite item of clothing for both girls seems to be cardigans. Colourful cardigans to be exact! And the great thing is about this is that they go with almost every outfit for almost every occasion. 

Meghan is wearing a pastel purple coloured cardigan 

And Louise is wearing a very similar blue cardigan

Ta-da! That was my little style appriciation for Meghan Trainor and Louise Pentland. These girls have, without a doubt, a very similar dress sense and I love it. What do you think about this cute style that they both seem to promote? Let me know in the comments xxx