Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Style Appreciation: Jade Thirlwall

Jade Thirlwall has to be one of the most adorable people ever. I love everything about her from her personality and Geordie accent to her style. I would gladly trade wardrobes with her any day.

The first of many things that I love about Jade is her hair. I'd have to agree with her X-factor mentor, Tulisa, who said that in her audition she looked like a Disney princess. Her hair just didn't seem real because it was so perfect. Over the years she has dyed her hair all sorts of colours like brown, blonde, blue, turquoise and burgundy.

The evolution of Jade's hair

Something that Jade can't seem to live without is her Parka jacket. Being quite a baggy, casual coat it works with a lot of outfits. In an interview Little Mix revealed that Jade was even wearing it in the Summer in New York and over heard a woman walking by say "Its summer and she's seriously wearing a Parka?"  How funny!

She literally wears it over everything

Another cute touch she likes to add is polka dots. She seems to try to wear them as much as possible, whether its obvious on a dress or sneakily hidden on a crop top underneath dungarees.

Have you ever seen such a cute outfit before?

I have seen Jade wear quite a few outfits with braces on them. I'll be honest...its made me really want a pair. Its just such a funky look to be able to pull off.

Her braces = Perfection

And finally, if there's one thing I know Jade is obsessed with its bows.  She wears them in her hair, as a pattern on clothing, on her nails and of course she wears bow-ties.This just proves that she's a little cutie.

Jade with bows that 
fans gave her at a show

Thank you for reading my post about Jade Thirlwall. This was the final Little Mix style appreciation as I have already written about Jesy, Perrie and Leigh-Anne. Feel free to check those out. What do you think about Jade's style? xxx