Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Snowfall Nails Tutorial

I'm obsessed with painting my nails (not necessarily good at it) and I decided to stick with Christmas themed nails throughout December. I tried out an easy, snowfall pattern. They were fun to do and this is how I did them:

You will need:
  • Blue nail varnish
  • White nail varnish
  • A top coat
  • Dotting tool
  • A gem/sticker 
Firstly, you will need to add two layers of blue nail varnish. I chose one with glitter so it will look like the snow is glimmering more!

After two layers of blue nail varnish

 Using the dotting tool, dip it in white nail varnish and start dotting in rows across you nails. I chose to do four rows but depending on the size of your nail, you could do more or less.

Make sure to not add too much nail varnish
 to the dotting tool as it would make them messy

 Next, using tweezers, pick up your chosen gem, I chose a silver one with glue already on it because it makes application easier. Then, place it in the center of your nail. I only applied it to one finger because I didn't want my nails to look too over the top.

 And finally add your top coat. I used a glittery one to make them shimmer even more!

And you're done!

Thanks for reading. This is part of my Blogmas posts so therefore I need a song of the day. Today it will be Night Changes by One Direction. Have you painted your nails for the Winter? Let me know in the comments xxx

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Clothes/Makeup Ideas

Last year I said I would prepare myself for this Winter. However, its absolutely no surprise that this year I'm just as unorganised.

I made a little mental list of things I needed to survive the Winter. But now I'm broke from spending money on Christmas pressies. At least I spent my money on a good cause. But next year I have to remember to start saving a bit earlier to be able to afford these items. 

The first item on my list for next year is a Christmas jumper. Yes, I officially fail at being festive because I don't own one. I hope no one disowns me after finding that out. I'd like one of the classic ones with some sort of picture design on the front. 

This could be us but you playing

I'm also desperate to start a legging collection because I think they're the comfiest clothes ever. I'd obviously love some Christmas patterned leggings to suit the season.

I love anything with these patterns

There is a makeup item that I'm really missing out on this season. Bright red lipstick. I used to have loads but I seem to have lost misplaced them. I just think that really bold, red lip colours automatically make you look like you've made a special effort.

Arrghh this shade is just perfection

And finally by next year I'm hoping to have a pair of Christmas earrings. I've heard you can get really cool Christmas Tree ones that even light up. They definitely seem like an essential to me.

Just look at these cute earrings

Thank you for reading. The song of the day is Let it Snow. Comment below if you have any of the items I've listed, or if you've made your own list of Christmas essentials. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Style Appreciation: Jade Thirlwall

Jade Thirlwall has to be one of the most adorable people ever. I love everything about her from her personality and Geordie accent to her style. I would gladly trade wardrobes with her any day.

The first of many things that I love about Jade is her hair. I'd have to agree with her X-factor mentor, Tulisa, who said that in her audition she looked like a Disney princess. Her hair just didn't seem real because it was so perfect. Over the years she has dyed her hair all sorts of colours like brown, blonde, blue, turquoise and burgundy.

The evolution of Jade's hair

Something that Jade can't seem to live without is her Parka jacket. Being quite a baggy, casual coat it works with a lot of outfits. In an interview Little Mix revealed that Jade was even wearing it in the Summer in New York and over heard a woman walking by say "Its summer and she's seriously wearing a Parka?"  How funny!

She literally wears it over everything

Another cute touch she likes to add is polka dots. She seems to try to wear them as much as possible, whether its obvious on a dress or sneakily hidden on a crop top underneath dungarees.

Have you ever seen such a cute outfit before?

I have seen Jade wear quite a few outfits with braces on them. I'll be honest...its made me really want a pair. Its just such a funky look to be able to pull off.

Her braces = Perfection

And finally, if there's one thing I know Jade is obsessed with its bows.  She wears them in her hair, as a pattern on clothing, on her nails and of course she wears bow-ties.This just proves that she's a little cutie.

Jade with bows that 
fans gave her at a show

Thank you for reading my post about Jade Thirlwall. This was the final Little Mix style appreciation as I have already written about Jesy, Perrie and Leigh-Anne. Feel free to check those out. What do you think about Jade's style? xxx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Style Appreciation: Leigh-Anne Pinnock

You may already know this, but I adore Little Mix and their style. Leigh-Anne Pinnock is no exception. This glamours diva is definitely someone I look up to when it comes to fashion. 

The first of many things I love about Leigh is her hair as she can do anything with it and still look gorgeous. I mean I can barely do something small, like a braid, without looking stupid, but she can literally wear her hair in any style. Long and sleek, or short and curly; you name it, she can rock it!

I wish this many 
hairstyles would suit me!

The types of tops she usually wears are cropped. Cant really blame her if she has a stomach like that though. I personally find the turtle-necked ones really cool.

Really love both the cut and design of this top

Another thing I've noticed is that her most worn pattern is stripes. From dresses, to hats, to tops she seems to be covered in them. Stripes are great because they're so simple but immediately make the outfit look more interesting.

These dresses are pure perfection

And it wouldn't be a Leigh-Anne outfit without a few bright colours thrown in there now would it? When she wears bright things, it seems to really reflect her bright and colourful personality. She knows how to add colour for any occasion.

Just a complete explosion of colour...I LOVE IT!

Rumor has it she has an obsession with the 90s. And as if the bright colours weren't enough to prove this, she wears a lot of denim. And by a lot I mean A LOT! It's definitely her go-to material. I really like that she wears it because it just so happens to be one of my favourite materials too. You simply can't go wrong with a bit of denim.

Not everyone can work denim on 
denim, but Leigh-Anne definitely can

Thanks for reading about one of my style icons Leigh-Anne Pinnock. This is the third Little Mix themed post and I will be writing about the 4th Mixer, Jade Thirlwall, next week. What do you think of Leigh-Anne's style? xxx

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Style Appreciation: Perrie Edwards

This is part 2/4 of my posts about Little Mix. Perfect Perrie Edward's style is perfect. Do you think I've used the word perfect enough there? Just like all of the Little Mix girls, her style is individual and reflects her personality.

I'm 100% sure there's not a single hair colour Perrie could't get away with. Of course she's proved my theory correct by dyeing it almost every colour under the sun. I'm desperate to try a bright hair colour like hers.
Can I have her hair please?

Perrie wears dungarees a lot, often with a little crop top underneath. This look is completely adorable. If she's not wearing denim dungarees, she wears denim another way using high-waisted jeans. It's probably due to Perrie Edwards where my love for high-waisted trousers came from.

Such a casual but cute outfit!

And It wouldn't be Perrie style appreciation without mentioning flowers. Whether its a floral dress or a flower head band, she will wear it.

Here she is rocking a floral 
printed dress and a flower head band

Another thing that Perrie pulls off perfectly is dramatic makeup. I love her dark eyeliner as it really makes her eyes stand out. She often wears a bright lipstick too. I'm so jealous that she can pull off purple. Even when she goes for the natural look, her eyebrows are bold and beautiful.

When I attempt to do
 eyeliner like that I just look like a panda...

Finally, I think Perrie's piercings are so unique and quirky. I know piercings aren't for everybody, but personally I like them (well most of them). She has quite a few including ear lobes, cartilage, tragus, nose and her nape. Yes her nape ladies and gentlemen!

Her piercings aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they are definitely mine

Thank you for reading about one of my style icons Perrie Edwards. I have already written about Jesy (here) and stay tuned for Leigh-Anne and Jade! Who is your style icon? xxx

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Style Appreciation: Jesy Nelson

Do you ever see people with such an amazing fashion sense you want to cry? Well that's how I feel with Little Mix. I was going to write about all 4 girls in this post but there was just too much to say. This will be written in four parts, starting with Jesy Nelson.

The first thing about Jesy that I love is her bold sense of fashion. She often likes to wear things that are a bit out there, with bright, geometric prints. 

Even since the X-factor, Jesy has been rocking the beanie look. She seems to have a big selection to choose from because in every picture she's wearing a different one. They usually have some sort of writing or picture on the front.
There's no need for a plain beanie when you're Jesy Nelson

Jesy doesn't like wearing any plain old leggings either. Oh no! Every pair she wears have either a cool cut, or bold design or both. 

Love the look of these!

Quite possibly my favourite part of Jesy's look is her hair. I remember seeing her in her audition and wanting her hair, and I still want it to this day. Since Little Mix has started she has been blonde, red and now brown. Her hair has also evolved in the fact that it has slowly become straighter. But it has still managed to keep its volume. 

I don't think she even knows 
the meaning of a bad hair day

And to complete the Jesy Nelson look, you cant forget chunky shoes. Big heels and Dr Martens seem to be her favourite. I've also seen her wear heelless heels a lot and I'm obsessed with them. 

Words cannot describe how much 
I would love to try theses shoes.

Thank you for reading about one of my style icons Jesy Nelson. Watch out for my posts about the other 3 girls. Who is your style icon? xxx

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Skull Nails

As its the 31st of October this Friday I decided to do a Halloween themed post. After thinking about what I should do, I decided to do a step by step tutorial for "skull nails". These were fairly easy to do and I'm sure that if I could do it anyone can. I know I'm not a nail expert and these are no where near a proffessional standard, but I thought I'd just share a fun little design. 

The finished look

What you will need:

  • Base Coat (optional)
  • White nail varnish
  • Black nail varinsh
  • Top coat (optional)
  • Dotting tool
  • Thin brush
If you do not have a nail brush or dotting tool you could use a toothpick. 

Step 1

If you wish, paint your nails using a base coat. This stops your actual nails staining once you remove the nail polish.

I know my nails are in serious need for TLC...

Step 2

Paint your nails white. You may have to do several layers to make sure the colour is bold.

One layer

Two layers

Step 3 

Carefully draw the jaw-line onto your skull. 

Step 4

Using the dotting tool (or tooth pick) draw two circles for eyes. You may have to use quite a lot of nail varnish to get a big dot. 

Step 5

Using less varnish, draw two slightly smaller circles in the middle of your nail. This is your skull's nose.

Step 6

Draw a thin, horizontal line connecting both jaw-lines. Then draw small, vertical lines along it. This creates the mouth effect. 

Step 7

Again, if you wish, you can add a top coat. This will keep your nail varnish on longer and also prevent chipping. Voila: Your skull nails are now complete!


I hope you enjoyed reading about how I did my nails this halloween. Let me know in the comments how you did your nails xxx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Beauty Q and A with Lauren

This is a guest post with the absolutely gorgeous Lauren Williams who runs a blog about fashion and art. I interviewed her in a "Beauty Q and A" where I asked her 10 things. 

Some Of Lauren's Amazing Illustrations

1. How long have you been interested in beauty and fashion?

I've been interested in beauty and fashion for a long time now and the earliest memory I have of it was being a real fashionista at the age of 9.

2. What do you rather never wear mascara again or never wear lipstick again?

I'd rather never wear lipstick again, only worn it a few times but Mascara is something I use everytime I put makeup on so I would be incomplete without it.

3. Must have item of clothing?

My must have item of clothing is a leather skirt to me, because you can rock it at all times.

4. If you had to dye your hair any colour, what would it be?

Well, I've never dyed my hair and I experiment with black hair extentions and weaves but if I had to dye my hair any colour it would be a dark red.

5. Favourite beauty guru/ style icon?

Zoella-Beauty, Wendy's Lookbook-Fashion

6. Does your dream job have anything to do with fashion?

It does! It plays a big role lol I want to be a fashion illustrator/designer

7. What beauty product could you not live without?

Well...That would be my Fashion fair concealer and foundation

8. What is your favourite shop and clothing brand?

My favourite shop is Bershka, absolutely love it and my favourite brand has to be Zara.

9. Have you ever had a fashion disaster (if so what was it)?

I've had a Halloween fashion disaster- I had to think up a costume late and I had to settle with this red dress and say I was a devil. Not the slightest bit convincing.

10. Describe your style in 3 words.

African, Bold, Urban.

Thank you so much for doing this post Lauren, it was really fun to read your answers. Don't forget to check out her blog: . Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it. xxx