Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cara Delevingne Style Appreciation (Collab with Missmakeuptips)

Today I'm doing a collab with the wonderful Al from Missmakeuptips. She has a blog that shares makeup tips, beauty tips, reviews and just general lifestyle posts. If you are interested in those sorts of posts, I would definitely recommend you check her blog out because it's very professional looking. On her blog she will be writing about Cara Delevingne's makeup so please go and check that out.

My post is about Cara's style. In case you didn't know, I'm extremely obsessed with Cara Delevingne. I simply adore her uniqueness and how she seems like such a genuine cool person. Not to mention all the random little talents she has. In some ways, I feel like if you just saw her in everyday life you wouldn't think she'd be a supermodel because she seems to down to earth, but then you see her in a photo shoot and you'd think hells yeah she's a supermodel. Her fantastic style is pretty hard to sum up in one post, but I'll try my best. 

Now Cara's style is definitely a unique one. She can go from being a glammed up supermodel one day, to sporting a rather casual look the next day. Either way she rocks it and still manages to look gorgeous in everything. I thought about how I would describe her style and I came up with "elagant tom-boy".

I know this doesn't really count as part of her style, but you can't have a Cara post without mentioning her eyebrows. They are definitely one of her most destinctive features. As someone who has naturally light hair, but dark, bushy eyebrows I really want to thank her for bringing these eyebrows into fashion. She tends to make them look exaggerated, but natural and wild at the same time. This is a look that's very hard to pull off, but of course she manages it!

Also, when I think of Cara, I always seem to think of hats. She's always snapped wearing some sort of hat, whether it is a baseball cap, beanie, or fedora. No Cara outfit seems to be complete without some sort of head-gear.

Another distinct look that she wears is a lot of Khaki and camouflage material. Although I've seen her wear a camouflage dress, she tends to mainly wear it over her outfit. I personally think wearing a camouflage jacket makes any outfit look more quirky.

When Cara is not wearing those sorts of jackets, she seems to wear leather jackets. This shows her slightly more elegant side. When she wears them, she looks like a rock chick, but a classy one at that.

A lot of the clothes she wears are also oversized and kind of baggy. But who can blame her? I mean don't we all love wearing clothes like that? She wears baggy shirts and dresses. These look so comfortable for the Summer.

Urrghh can I just be Cara Delevingne please? I hope you guys enjoyed this style post. As you know, I love to write about celebrities fashion and I absolutely adore her style. Thank you so much Al for collabing with me, I had a lot of fun. What do you guys think about Cara's fashion sense? xxx