Friday, 29 August 2014

Crazy Cart Nail Art Brush

Now I'm not a professional nail artist (like at all) but I've always had an interest in nail art. I decided to buy the Crazy Cart Nail Art Brushes from Amazon.

I wasn't expecting these to be great, especially for the price of £1.32 +delivery. I just wanted something cheap that would do the job. However, when I tried them I was pleasantly surprised.

They came in a plastic wallet casing and each brush has its own protector, which means they were in good condidtion when they arrived. There are 15 brushes in the pack which are:
  • Three drawing tools
  • Seven painting tools (can also be used as gel nail curing brushes)
  • Two liners
  • One dotting tool
  • Two fan brushes for nail art effect

The brushes themselves are great quality and can be reused many times considering they are washed after each use. To do this you can dip them in nail varnish remover. Unfortunately the nail varnish does leave a stain on the brushes even when you wash them.

This pack of nail brushes is a huge bargain. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested in nail art, whether they are a professional or not. I would rate this product a 9/10. 

If nail art is your thing, don't hesitate to buy them from the link here!

Thank you for reading. I will answer any questions in the comments xxx

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Scandeleyes Eyeliner

The other day I decided to repurchase one of my favourite eyeliner pens, only to notice that there was a new version available. Of course I had to try the new product too. The eyeliners I brought were Scandaleyes Thick and Thin and Scandaleyes Micro Liner both by Rimmel London.

Both eyeliners cost around £5.50 which is cheaper than many other eyeliner pens I've seen from other brands. 
Micro Liner (Left) and Thick and Thin Liner (Right)

One advantage of eyeliner pens is that they are, in my opinion, the easiest way to apply perfect eyeliner because its exactly like using a felt tip pen. The Micro Liner is more pointed whereas with the Thick and Thin Liner you can use either the point or the flat side. That's why I prefer the Micro Liner to the Thick and Thin Liner as you can precisely draw on your wings.

The lines that both liners create
Micro Liner (Left) and Thick and Thin Liner (Right)

Scandaleyes eyeliner is also waterproof which most people prefer however I find it takes more effort to remove. I also find that the pen itself dries out quickly.

You can probably tell that I like this particular eyeliner as I have repurchased it. I would rate the Thick and Thin liner a 6/10 and the Micro liner a 7/10. I especially recommend the Micro Liner to any eyeliner beginners out there.

Thank you for reading xxx