Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Greatest Showman Review

As a film student it hit me the other day, why don't I use this blog to review... films? Don't get me wrong, I love reviewing beauty products and I'll still continue to do so. But I feel like since films are a passion of mine and it relates to my degree, I should invest more time into them. So this just counts as revision right?!

I know I'm a bit late to the hype with this film and I missed it when it came out in the cinema. But my sister, having already seen it, brought it on DVD and came into the lounge and forced me and my mum to watch it with her. I was reluctant at first because this film was hyped up, much like the film La La Land was which really wasn't my cup of tea and I was left disappointed. I was just afraid that this film wouldn't live up to the expectation either, but boy was I wrong.

The Greatest Showman (Michael Gracey, 2017) is a musical, loosely based on the creation of Barnum&Bailey's Circus, and the adventures of P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and his star attractions. With it's cast being filled with recognizable faces and a production budget of $84 million, it's clear this film was made with the potential to be a huge success.

The story begins with a young P.T. Barnum (Ellis Rubin) who came from near-to-nothing, who 
meets Charity Hallet (Michelle Williams) and the two of them have an instant connection. Barnum dreams of having as much in this life as possible, and starts a new life with Charity. The two of them raise their two children, and using a loan from the bank, Barnum opens Barnum's American Museum.

Barnum begins to recruit extraordinary people to perform in his circus including the bearded lady Lettie Lutz (Keala Settle), a dwarf performer Charles Stratton (Sam Humphrey) and trapeze artist Anne Wheeler (Zendaya). Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron) is also recruited as Barnum's trusted partner.

Despite ultimately being a feel-good, inspirational film, the plot also covers serious topics such as greed, the class system, discrimination and loyalty. It appears even Barnum seems embarrassed of his performers for a short while in the film. However, they prove to themselves and the audience that they shouldn't be ashamed of who they are. Then, there is the whole "will they/won't they" tension between Barnum and Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson), the Swedish singer who Barnum leaves his family for to join on tour. 

The visuals in this film are simply breathtaking, for the most part. The opening number gave me goosebumps, seeing all the acts perform and the stage covered in bright colours. Each character is also fully suited up in a gorgeous and unique costume, so huge shoutout to the costume and set designers. 

The only flaw I had with the visuals was the animation in some parts. Animals seem to be particularly difficult to animate in live action films and this is something that stands out on several occasions in the film. Firstly, the movements and sizes of the elephants are questionable giving a sense of falseness. Secondly, I noticed when Charles was riding his horse it was quite obviously an animation which I feel effects the quality of the film.

For me, the cast was fantastic and each character was right for the role. Each child in the movie was undoubtedly cute and very talented. Zac and Zendaya both gave touching performances and there was no denying the chemistry between them. And for me personally, I feel like Zendaya showed a bigger range of emotions in this movie than in any other role I've seen her in. There's no denying Hugh Jackman is a talented actor, and he really was able to live up to the title of "the greatest showman". For me his only downfall was his inconsistent accent throughout the film. Even my mum (who is the world's worst person at recognizing accents) was able to spot his Australian accent slip through.

And finally, I can't discuss a musical film without mentioning, well, the music. As someone who doesn't have a musical bone in my body, I found myself still humming along with all the songs and I still have the soundtrack stuck in my head as I'm writing this. My top 3 songs from this film were, Never Enough, Rewrite The Stars and This Is Me. Picture the scene, I was listening to these songs covered in goosebumps and tears streaming down my face.

I know this movie has received a lot of mixed reviews, but I was honestly pleasantly surprised with how much I loved this movie. I would rate it a 9/10, and if it were up to me this film would be considered a modern day classic. It's truly one of those movies where you finish watching it and you just feel grander and more inspired for watching it. 

Have you seen this movie yourself? If so let me know what you though in the comments below,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Izzynterview With: Ryenn Hayes

A couple of years ago I received a supportive comment on my mental health series on YouTube from the lovely Ryenn Hayes. To this day I would still regard her as one of my closest friends and her kindness really comes across online. Her confidence on camera really drew me in and her channel covers lots of topics such as mental health awareness, art and poetry. You can tell she is passionate about everything she talks about, and if you haven't already please check out her channel because she deserves so many more subscribers. 

To get to know her a bit better I asked Ryenn 10 questions: 

1. You come across as being very passionate about YouTube and are a natural in front of the camera. What first made you want to start posting YouTube videos?

Well, I got really into YouTube in 2012 when I came across Carrie Hope Fletcher's channel through a collab she did with Dan Howell. I immediately fell in love with everything she did, and she was really an idol for me for a long time; she helped me through some really difficult times. I kind of wanted to be able to do that too, but I was really young at the time. So, when I was going through different things in 2015 I decided to make a channel. The goal was just to talk about things I was going through, and maybe be able to look back on it. Either to see how far I've come, or to help myself by seeing what I'm like when I'm doing better. As I started posting videos more it was just kind of about raising awareness for mental illness. That's something I'm very passionate about. 

2. Inspiration can come from all sorts of places, name something that has recently made you feel inspired?

I'm really inspired by the idea of making a difference. So when I listen to something or read something that is impactful and meaningful, it inspires me to do good. I want to one day die knowing that I made a mark; I did something good. 

3. What do you typically enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to write, draw and play video games. I'm not very interesting!

4. If you had to make a playlist consisting of only 3 music artists, who would you pick and why?

This is very difficult, but probably Hayley Kikoko, Dodie Clark and Kelly Clarkson. I listen to a lot of Disney and musical theatre as well, but those don't really count as artists. Hayley Kiyoko's music are just constantly bops, Dodie makes me super happy, and Kelly Clarkson has been one of my favorites since I was very young. 

5. There's no better feeling than genuinely laughing until your stomach hurts. What is the last thing that made you laugh?

I played a game with some friends called Quiplash. It's a game like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity except you type in your own answers. Every time we play I just absolutely lose my mind laughing. 

6. If you got the chance to go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

I really want to go to Disney in Florida. I've never been, and Disney movies are my favourite things. I'd also love to go to Ireland since that's where my family is from. 

7. What is something you've always wanted to try, but never have?

Dance! Technically, I did dance when I was little for like two years, but that hardly counts since I was five. I wish I had done ballet for longer, or even something like figure skating!

8. What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given and who gave it to you?

This is really difficult since I've been given a lot of advice. It's hard to remember what I've been told and who told it to me. However, there is one phrase that was told to me by a tech in a hospital I was in. "I am valued. I am loved. God's blessings are chasing me down and overtaking me. I am excited about my future". It's an affirmation, not advice, but it's one that really meant something to me at the time. I don't necessarily know if I believe in a God, but even if someone doesn't, the rest of it is really important to remind yourself of in times of struggle. You are valued. You are loved even if you don't feel it. You have a future that is worth chasing. Never forget the importance of your life. 

9. If you had to be remembered fro one message on your channel, what would you want it to be?

That you are never alone and that you are always loved and cared about. Someone is always willing to be there for you, to help you. 

10. What goal would you like to achieve within the next year?

Just to get through my first year of university alright, maybe work on my books more, and I want to start up YouTube regularly again. I hope to grow more confident in myself as a person, but that's more of a long term goal. 

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Ryenn for taking part in this post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all these answers, and I hope you check out Ryenn's channel if you haven't already!

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Izzynterview With Katie Barnett

Katie Barnett is one of my friends that I originally met through YouTube. Her adorable Welsh accent and bubbly personality with an hilarious sense of humor really stood out to me. Her channel is mainly beauty related, but she could post a video about her grocery shop and still manage to crack me up!
Please check out her YouTube channel (Katie Barnett) and Instagram page (katiebarnettmua) if you haven't already.

To let you guys know Katie a bit better I asked her 10 questions:

1. There's no denying that you're talented when it comes to makeup. What first made you decide to go ahead and study makeup?

Ooh stop it you, you lil flirt! When leaving school I knew absolutely nothing about makeup. To the point that I went to my school prom with only foundation on that was two shades darker than my tone because I had absolutely no interest in makeup and had no clue how to use it. I had my heart set on becoming a teacher so I started my A Levels to pursue that career. From the start I had such a negative college experience and it was beginning to get me to the point it was changing my personality so I had to do something about it. That's when I discovered YouTube and the beauty community. It really went from 0-100, one minute I couldn't even tell you the difference between a foundation and a concealer and the next minute I was applying to courses all over the UK to allow me to study this art. I would sit in my English lecture dreaming of being on a film set or filming a music video so I thought it was time to put that into reality and I'm so glad I did!

2. Social media allows people from all over the globe to become friends. What piece of advice would you give someone new to social media looking to be a part of an online community?

I strongly believe that I wouldn't have the confidence to do half of the things that I am currently doing without the support of people I have "met" over the internet. I think that when you first put yourself out there on the internet it is very easy to believe that everyone has only the best intentions which is not always the case. Do your research, join a community that you want to, don't just join it for the sake of it because it's what's popular at the time. You do you, there's not point in joining something that your heart isn't in. It's all about confidence. Speak up, the only way you make friends online is if you just go fir it and message them! The worst thing they can do is ignore you. You win some, you lose some. Without joining a community I would never be sat here doing this interview for someone who I consider a real friend even though we haven't met. Sometimes you just have to take the leap.

3. My readers have to know that for years Katie has been the Stacey to my Gavin! But Katie, who is your favourite Gavin and Stacey characters?

We really are the definition of romance. I have you saved in my phone as Gavin and when you text me while I was in the pub once, all my friends started freaking out assuming I had a secret boyfriend. Gavin and Stacey is quite possibly one of my favourite shows and I don't think there's a bad character however I will always have a soft spot for Dorris, especially after the "There's the salad" scene.

4. What has been the most exciting opportunity you've received so far through studying makeup?

Last year I was lucky enough to do the make for some beautiful models for the charity fashion stow promoting L.K. Bennett's clothing. I was extremely grateful to work on something so well known so early on into my experience in industry. I also worked with a team Christmas time to body paint two models to transform them into ice queens. This project was the most testing for me as I had never completed anything to this scale but this is definitely where my love for body paint started.

5. Every decision we make is a lesson learned, but would you say you have any big regrets?

I 100% agree. There is nothing major that has ever happened that I regret. Friends come and go and I believe everyone who comes into your life is there for a reason whether that is good or bad. I always try and push myself to try everything I can. I am only 19 and I don't want to look back when I'm older and think "hey I should really have done that *insert really cool thing here*".

6. If you could sum up your life in a song right now, which one would you pick?

Right now, it's old but it's gold and I think if I had to get lyrics tattooed on me it would be from this song. Drum roll please: S Club 7- Bring It All Back. "Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top". After going through a fairly stressful couple of weeks in college this is all I would say to people. It started as a joke but now it is genuinely my vocabulary so send help please.

7. Your accent honestly gives me life, I'm well and truly obsessed. But what is your favourite accent?

Thanks girl, someone's got to like it. I love a good Geordie accent and I actually quite like a Brummie accent!

8. If you could pick just one makeup product to keep in your makeup collection, what would you pick?

This is a little bit like picking a favourite child but we'll go with it! I want to say highlighter but I really don't suit highlighter just by itself. I look like a greasy disco ball, so I'm going to be boring and say my Double Wear foundation. There has been so many amazing foundations released lately but this is one I ALWAYS go back to . I love a flawless base.

9. It's hard to believe how fast 2018 is going by. What's one thing you're hoping to do by the end of the year?

If time could slow down that would be lovely, I'm just hoping I can carry on enjoying myself like I am right now. For the minute I'm really done with setting myself long term goals. I think things will happen when they happen and I don't want to put pressure on that. I want to finish my course and start the uni course. I just want to keep pushing myself. However, it would be nice to be doing more on the internet again, relaunch YouTube and keep going on my blog, posting content that I'm proud of.

10. You're a complete natural on the camera and never fail to make me giggle. Where do you see your YouTube channel in 5 years?

You are far too nice to me! It's fairly obvious that my presence on YouTube isn't as noticeable, I haven't posted anything in over a year! I'm in an awkward place with it now. I started my channel not knowing a lot about makeup and I never wanted to be the person to tell people how to do makeup, just showing them how I do it and what I enjoy. While I'm studying makeup it is very hard to find the balance of giving my opinions and advising people on what's best. It can also be an overkill sometimes. I study makeup 5 days a week and try to run social media pages to build business so I think YouTube right now would be too much. However, I am excited to post more content in the Summer and ease my way back in because I have really missed the community. In 5 years I would like to think my channel is still going and I am posting content that I am proud of.

Thank you Katie for taking part in this post and buttering me up with that Brummie comment! This post is the perfect example of Katie's personality shining through and she never fails to entertain me, even in written form. I really hope you all check out Katie's social media and love her as much as I do!

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Morphe Palette 350

A beauty cult favourite is the Morphe 350 palette which retails for £23. There was a huge phase where every beauty guru on the internet raved on about it, so I decided to give it a go for myself to see whether it lived up to the hype. 

My first thought on this palette was that I really liked the colour selection. Within this palette you get 35 warm toned neutrals, with a mix between matte and shimmery eye shadows. Every shade in this palette is wearable on an everyday basis, yet can be built up for a glamorous night look.

The packaging of this palette is the same as most of the Morphe palette range. It is a sleek matte palette which is thin and perfect for travelling. I have chucked this palette into my suitcase many times and no colours have ever shattered. The only thing I will say about the packaging is that it seems a waste to not have a mirror in the packaging, with the lid being so big. Having a mirror would make it even better for travel.

Swatches in order of rows

Now for a £23 palette I was expecting the pigmentation to be out of this world... and it just wasn't. As you can see from the photos, the shimmers and the dark shades were actually pretty decent. However, the light matte shades did near enough nothing. They barely even show up in the swatches and to be honest I only ever use them as a setting powder for my eye lids because the colour doesn't show up anyway. 

On the bright side these eye shadows are really creamy and I find them really easy to blend. So I have no complaints with how good they are to work with, it's just you need to build them up quite a bit because of the pigmentation. 

The lasting power of the shadows are good, yet still not as good as what I'd expect for the price. The colour itself lasts throughout the day, but if you don't wear any primer they tend to crease throughout the day.

So there you are that is my HONEST opinion of the cult fave eye shadow palette. Overall, considering the price I would rate it a 6/10. Like it's good don't get me wrong, but I've tried £4 palettes that really give this one a run for its money. Have you ever tried this palette before? If so let me know what you thought about it in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Izzynterview With Becca W

I'm so honored to be joined in today's post with my wonderful friend Becca W. Becca is a YouTuber from London who makes a variety of types of videos on her channel, but a common theme throughout them is that they're really personal videos where you feel like you really get to know Becca through her channel. Becca is a Film Production student and an AWARD WINNING DIRECTOR (literally so proud of my friend omg!) for her film "Hostages". If you haven't already, please check out Becca's channel and show her some love.

If you don't already know Becca, I asked her some questions for you to get to know her a bit better:

1. There are many different reasons why people decide to share content on YouTube. What first inspired you to make videos?

The channel that I use now (Becca W) I started 4 years ago because I missed making videos, as one of my friends (Emily Anna) had recently started her own channel and watching her videos made me miss filming. Prior to this channel, I had another channel which has been active for eleven years! That one started because I really enjoyed editing fans videos, cringy I know! Five years later, my friend (RubySmilesLikeANerd) had started her own channel where she would sit and talk about things in front of the camera. I thought that looked like fun so I gave it a go. Of course, back then, I was a very shy girl with a very short, unflattering haircut and gross glasses, so you can imagine my videos weren't that great! A few more years after that, at about 17, I started Becca W (back then Becca's Blog) and made beauty videos. Again, I wasn't that great at them and I was still a bit awkward in front of the camera, but practice makes perfect. Nowadays I make weekly vlogs, which has only started this year but I'm really enjoying it! So I guess my reasoning for starting YouTube was because of my friends. 

2. University can be quite the experience! What has been your favourite part of your course so far?

I am currently in my third year of university, studying Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne in London. One of my favourite aspects of the course is just how many films you actually get to make during your time there! In the first term alone, we made four films! That's one every two weeks! And for my first term of third year we had to make a film every week, eleven films in total! It's been crazy and a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun too!

3. What would you say the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome this year has been?

The biggest challenge I've had to overcome has to be accepting that I am good at what I do. In the grand scheme of things that doesn't seem like such a big deal, however 2017 was such a great year for me in terms of my career that I didn't have many challenges to face. I've always been a 'glass half empty' type of person, so I always doubt myself and my abilities. When I won an award for directing my first short film last year, it really gave me a confidence boost! Even though directing isn't what I want to do as a job, it really made me believe that I had created a film good enough for people to actually take me seriously in the film industry. Having belief in myself is something I've always found difficult to be honest, and it's something I'm still working on, but knowing that I can do things to the best of my ability, even if it means not making a great film or not getting the job I wanted (which also happened recently), then I'm happy to know that I tried my best, and something good still came from the experience (which is what happened with the job).

4.  Living in London must be incredibly exciting. If you could live anywhere in the world, would you still choose London or another place?

I love London! One of my flatmates and my boyfriend are both from the North and they constantly tell me how much they hate living in London, and it honestly makes me so sad because I love it so much! I love that I can easily get anywhere I want, granted it may take a long time to get there, but I know the tubes and buses will run very frequently. Having said that I would like to live somewhere else at some point in my life. I've been lucky enough to travel to many different countries and cities in my lifetime, and one of my favourite places that I've been to is Amsterdam. I think it is beautiful and soooo clean! So maybe one day I'll live there, or somewhere else, like maybe New York or Sydney, both of which I have not visited yet but I want to. One of the great things about working in the film industry is that my work could potentially take me to different countries, which would be really exciting, so who knows where I may end up living because of my job!

5. What is your biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to get started in the film industry?

My biggest piece of advice for someone who wants to get into the film industry is to make contacts and network. Now I know from experience that this can be really awkward, because if you talk to people already in the industry, then they are more likely to help you to get to where you want to be. Also, take any opportunity that arises. I've not done this in the past and really regretted it, so if any jobs come your way that you don't feel confident to apply for, just do it, and learn on the job. Even though I've been through University, the best way I've learnt is by working on sets and talking to people. Honestly, I don't even know how much I've learnt from going to lectures haha! But talk to people, and take opportunities, and one day you'll get to where you want to be!

6. Being a part of a YouTube community is one of the best parts of creating content. What has been your favourite trip or meetup you’ve ever had with your YouTube squad?

Friendships are definitely the best thing about YouTube! It's hard to pick just one particular time, though I'd probably have to say SITC weekend 2017. It was my frist time going and I met some AMAZING PEOPLE (including you Izzy!) When I originally booked my tickets, I only knew three people (Coraal Francis, OllieWood96 and JackInTheVlogs), however, after three days I was now friends with like ten other creators! It was crazy! It was so much fun and we even managed to sneak into the after parties, which were hilarious!

7. Your content is varied on your channel, covering many types of videos. Do you have a favourite sort to film?

As of January 2018 I have made my channel into a weekly vlogging channel because vlogging is by far my favourite type of video to film! I've always loved doing Vlogmas and so I've made it my goal this year to try and vlog as much as possible, and I think I've been doing pretty well so far. That's not to say that I've ruled out doing sit down videos, I've got a few collabs lined up, though I do need to think of ideas for those, but I just prefer vlogging to be honest, and it's also a lot easier to edit and film haha! 

8. If you could collaborate with any form of content creator (e.g. a film director, an actor, youtuber etc…) who would you pick and what would you work on with them?

Ohhh that's a hard one! If we're going with YouTubers, I'd love to collab with Carrie Hope Fletcher. I just think we'd get on really well and talk about musicals all day and maybe have a sing song (even though I'm not that great at singing). In terms of filmmaking, I'd love to work with Christopher Nolan (who directed Dunkirk last year) because he is just brilliant! I've loved pretty much all of his films he's ever made, and one day I will work with him on something!

9. You clearly have a very creative mind. What have you found is the best way to gain inspiration and beat a creative block?

In my second year of University we had to do a script writing unit, and I was so worried because I'd never written a script before, but the lecturers told us to draw on things that we've enjoyed watching. It think that's the same for YouTube videos too. If you see something you enjoy, you can make something similar but put your own spin on it and make it better. I actually find being creative really hard, hence why in filmmaking I stick to production roles, such as an Assistant Director or Producer because they deal with things like scheduling and being organised which is what I know I'm good at. 

10. Do you have a goal you’re hoping to have achieved by the end of 2018?

I think a goal of mine for 2018 is to win an award for producing a film. In May 2017 I directed my first short film and sent it off to a few film festivals, not expecting to get selected for any of them. A few months later and I recieved an email saying that my film 'Hostages' had been selected for the London City Film Awards and was up for Best Student Director. I though that was incredible and that there was no way I'd win it, but I'm very happy to have been selected for the festival. Anyway, on the night of the screening, they anounced all the winners at the end and low and behold, I actually won! Never in a million years did I ever think I'd win an award for directing (especially as I want to be a producer)! Since that evening, that particular film has been doing surprisingly well in film festivals, winning 6 film laurels so far! The feeling I got from winning those awards has been indreduble and if I could win an award for the role that I actually want to pursue as a career, would be really great for me, especially as I graduate this year, i think it would really help me to get me a good career as a producer in the future. 

Thank you very much for reading this and thank you very much Becca for answering these questions and featuring on my blog. I hope you love Becca just as much as I do,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Collection Lasting Perfection Correction Concealer Green

A cult favourite is the Lasting Perfection concealers by Collection, which is why when I saw they brought out a colour correction range I just had to try it out. I picked up the green colour collection concealer for £4.19 from Superdrug

Green concealers are used underneath foundations to stop any redness show through. Recently I've been breaking out quite a bit and this is fantastic for neutralizing the redness of spots.

The pigmentation of this concealer is fantastic, you only need the tiniest amount to cover a spot and it blends out really well. Even when blended, the pigmentation remains and a little goes a long way.

The lasting power is great too, it really stays on underneath foundation all day. And once the foundation is on, the green colour doesn't show through and it just looks really natural.

Overall, I would rate this product a 10/10 because I literally have no complaints about it. I would definitely recommend it to a friend, as well as the rest of the lasting perfection range. Have you tried Collection's new concealers? Let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Izzynterview With Coral Francis

A little while ago I had a series on my YouTube channel called "Izzynterviews" where I, Izzy, would interview people who inspire me and who's content I enjoy. I'm really honored that to kick this series off again on my blog I'll be joined by the wonderful CoraalFrancis.

Photo Credit- Becca W

Disney-obsessed Coral is a British YouTuber who I met through YouTube, but she has become one of my greatest friends offline too. Her personality on screen is exactly as it is off screen, which makes watching her videos feel like you're just hanging out with her in person. There really is something for everyone on Coral's channel, from lookbooks, to storytimes to vlogs. If you haven't already, please check out her channel because she really is such a huge personality in the YouTube community and is definitely one to look out for! 

Here are 10 questions I asked Coral to get to know her better:

1. You've been creating content for quite a while now. What first made you realise you wanted to make YouTube videos?

It's a funny story as before the channel I have now I actually used to upload way before then when I was around 13-15 making lip sync videos back in the day, so you could say I've always had a thing for media and creating content. But I think the main reason I wanted to make YouTube videos is because I love documenting things and making memories and making videos on YouTube was a way for me to do that and also was a creative outlet for me.

2. No one is a bigger Disney fan than you! If you could hang out with one Disney character in real life, who would you choose?

Oh my goodness this is such a hard one. So I am going to base my answer on character meetings I have had in the parks, so this comes between hanging out with Stitch as I feel like we could have loads of fun creating mischief and listening to Elvis, but also would have a companion for life. But also Chip and Dale the two naughty chipmunks were the most fun to meet in the parks so I feel like I'd have the same experience with them also.

3. What is your favourite part about being part of the YouTube community?

My favourite part is 100% the friendships I have made through this platform, I have made friends for life on here, and I love the fact I have connections all over the country and even now all over the world. It is so lovely to see my friends growing and achieving so much on YouTube.

4. What video on your channel would you recommend to someone that is new to your channel and why?

This is a tricky question for me as it depends on what you're looking for from a content creator, so usually I'd say whatever my pinned video is at the time. I personally love the vlogs on my channel and look books so I'd always recommend those!

5. I honestly feel as if you can pull off any hair colour in existence. What hair colour can you see yourself trying out next?

I've actually been meaning to film a video on my hair colour history as I have been many many colours. I recently just went back to having a more purple hair colour but I have always wanted to try an electric blue or a vibrant pink!

6. It's clear you put a lot of thought into your tattoos. What advice would you give to someone getting their first one?

Honestly, if it is the pain putting your off it isn't as bad as you think like it's totally bearable and I have a very low pain threshold. But my honest advice would be if you want it that much just do it. Don't think about it book it super last minute and before you know it you'll be done!

7. What three words would you use to describe your post-university life?


8. In your opinion, what is the hardest part about being a youtuber in 2018?

Gosh I could go on about this topic forever, for me it's growth. I find videos I love and have put loads of time and work into don't always get the feedback or perform as well as I'd like them to in comparison to a videos that maybe take me an hour or two. Sometimes it can be disheartening how something simple like a Primark haul can perform really well as appose to a meaningful video you spent hours scripting or filming.

9. If you got given a week to do whatever you wanted, how would you spend your time?

Really? I mean I'd obviously be going to Disney wouldn't I?!

10. What is your biggest goal you hope to have completed by the end of the year?

To be in a job that I love and be surrounded by people who love me and bring me happiness.

Thank you so much Coral for taking part in this interview, I thoroughly enjoyed your answers. I hope you all check out Coral's amazing channel and love her as much as I do,

Izzy K xxx