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The Easy Way I Got White Teeth From Home As A Student

Teeth whitening is something that I’ve always wanted to try. But can I afford to spend £££ to have it done, or take the time out of my day to go to teeth whitening appointments? Nope!

The only teeth whitening I've ever tried have been natural remedies; charcoal toothpastes and even baking soda. You name it, I've probably tried it but with little success. 

As a student it’s safe to say I don’t necessarily have the most teeth-whitening-friendly lifestyle, or so I thought. I definitely have a glass bottle of wine too many, then make up for it with a coffee boost to keep myself awake in class the next morning. It was clear I needed to give my teeth a bit of TLC.

I 100% believe in perfect timing, because just as I was looking for a quick and convenient fix for my yellowish teeth I was very kindly contacted by Smile Brilliant to try their tooth whitening kit, valued at $149. Initially I was skeptical about the results since I didn’t quite believe I could achieve a noticeable result from a home kit, but I was desperate for results so I tried it.

What Do You Receive In A Kit?

JFC I did actually receive 4 desensitizing kits,
just misplaced one for this picture oops!

Using the kit is easy; even I managed to figure it out! 

Once you purchase the kit, Smile Brilliant sends you a package with everything you need to achieve your dream smile including:
  • Base and catalyst materials (to make your tooth mold)
  • Two teeth trays
  • Teeth whitening and desensitizing gels (the number of which varies depending on the kit you opt for)
  • A number of instructions for each stage of the process, allowing you to feel confident using the professional tools from home. 
  • A consent form

Creating The Perfect Mold For Your Perfect Teeth:

One of the unique aspects of Smile Brilliant is that is a company that creates teeth molds in a lab specifically for your teeth, allowing you to comfortably whiten your teeth.

As someone who truly struggles with anything DIY I was nervous about creating the mold myself. But after reading the instructions I was reassured by how easy it would be. I received 3 sets of base and catalyst materials (one for my top set of teeth, one for the bottom, and a spare just in case). The process of creating the mold is as follows:
  1. Mix the blue base and white catalyst material together until they are a consistent light blue colour.
  2. Evenly distribute it onto a tooth tray (one at a time) and place it on either the top or bottom set of teeth.
  3. Make sure the trays are placed level across all teeth, and not placed too deep or shallow so that there will be a clear impression of each tooth.
  4. Leave them to set for up to 3 minutes.
  5. Gently remove the tray and allow them to set before packaging them

Sending The Mold To The Lab:

Smile Brilliant provided me with a box that I could send my impressions off to a lab with. Before sending my teeth impressions it was vital I signed the consent form for the lab to send the molds back to me. I was impressed with how fast the lab were able to create a unique mold for my teeth. Since I live outside of the US, where this company is based, I was expecting a long wait. However, within 3 weeks I had received my impressions back. I was also impressed that I was kept up to date via email that the lab had received my impressions and when they were ready to be shipped as well. The impressions look like a retainer, however they have a gel feel to them and are really flexible, meaning they are comfortable to wear for long periods at a time. 

The Teeth Whitening Process

The teeth whitening process could not be made simpler, which is perfect because I don't have time to fiddle about with something too complicated. 

In the evenings, after my dinner I would insert a small strip of the teeth whitening gel in the impression. I would then continue with my normal evening routine, either putting on a facemask or concentrating on my uni work, while I let the kit work its magic on my teeth. 

I started off with 45 minute installments, so my teeth would not feel the sensitivity as much. After a few uses I built this up to an hour, and then up to two hours at a time. 

After I'd use the whitening gel, I'd rinse the impression and swirl my mouth out with water (toothpaste slows down the whitening process of this kit #lifehack). I'd then leave the desensitizing gel on for 20 minutes, wash my mouth out with water again, and head to bed.

This kit takes a few weeks to complete, with you getting between 3-4 uses out of each tube of gel. Consistency is key with the whitening process, however I did have a couple of nights off from using it because I fell ill (gotta love freshers flu!) and I still saw progress. The trick is to find a balance of using it regularly, yet not overdoing it because this will make your teeth prone to sensitivity. 

My Honest Opinion 

Before any treatments vs finishing the kit

Now for the bit you're probably waiting for, would I recommend it?

Looking back at my before photos I still can't believe the results I was able to achieve so quickly from the comfort of my own home. This is definitely the easiest thing I've done to achieve a confidence boost with my appearance. 

In all honesty, sometimes I did receive a little bit of sensitivity from this kit. However, it was never unbearable and I only noticed it after leaving the whitening gel on for over an hour and a half. If I received sensitivity, I would use an extra amount of the desensitization gel, and leave it another night before I used the kit. I found this always fixed the issue. And the good news is now that I have finished, I don't feel like my teeth have been permanently damaged and I am not receiving any sensitivity issues now.


My friends over at Smile Brilliant have very kindly given my readers a discount code with their products and the chance to win a giveaway for a kit worth $149.

 15% off store wide code: izzyk199815

*All opinions in this post are my own and my review has not been influenced by this giveaway* But seriously, I'd enter if I were you, I ain't making money off this I swear it's just really good ;)

Overall, I am impressed with the results and I would definitely purchase from Smile Brilliant again, as well as recommend them to a friend. I find it incredible that these noticeable results have been achieved from the comfort of my own home and that it is an affordable kit too!

Have you ever tried any DIY teeth whitening kits? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx
Tooth Whitening Gel

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Izzynterview With: Lattesdarling

I'm so excited to share this interview with the lovely Carina. She has a YouTube channel and blog, both under the name of Lattesdarling where she shares chatty and creative content about life, mental health and also self-reflections. If you haven't already stumbled across this wonderful human yet, please check her out she's honestly one of the most genuine people on YouTube who's content is always a pleasure to watch!

1.  What channels did you look up to before starting your own YouTube channel?

The channel that inspired me from the early days is Zoella. More so her vlogs, advice chats and lipstick essentials. I was always fascinated with her vlogging adventures, even if it was just her living room or kitchen that day. KKandbabyJ, a young vlogger family, really saved me at a time where I wasn't doing well, they would literally brighten up my everyday with their #relationship goals and cutest babies. HelloKaty's channel reminds me a lot of myself and my channel, because it's really self-reflective/advice centred, and I always love her wisdom and perspective. It only took what, like 10 years, for me to go: maybe I could do that too?

2. If you had to give up coffee or watching YouTube, what would you pick? (This is a mean one, I'm sorry!)

Oh Izzy, Izzy, why shalt thou do me like this? *immediately throws laptop out the window and proceeds to bathe and frolic in coffee.* You know me too well! I'd have to go with giving up YouTube *whispers before the mob attacks*. I'm completely content slurping my iced vanilla late amidst Gilmore Girls bliss.

3. Everything seems to happen for a reason. Is there something that you now look back on and realize that everything worked out for the best in the end?

Oooh good question. Lot's of things. I always "pride" myself in being that person who can foresee certain circumstances, and be very willful in avoiding mistakes. But this logic is completely thrown out the window (just like the laptop haha!) when you come into a situation that leaves you blind. And it's a weird sensation, to be aware of the fact that you might get burned, but doing so anyway because you can't not. It's like driving through an accident on the street, you're curious, you can't not turn your head towards it. Except that's you, you're that car on fire.

And at the time, it seems like you can't breathe or continue to live your life, but different versions of you will keep surprising you. And then you look back and you're like ooooh, if the situation would've carried on, it would've been gasoline on you. And I think that applies to relationships, friendships, dreams, goals, desires, anything. And you don't see it at the moment, only when you detach your emotions, are you grateful for avoiding what would've been your even worst nightmare. 

4. You appear to be such a natural in front of the camera and filming in public. Do you have any tips for camera shy people?

Thank you, that's such an amazingly sweet compliment! I'm glad it comes across that way! But in all honesty I did feel a little bit out of it when I first started filming, but more so in actually putting myself out there for people to watch. I would always think, "Am I watchable?" Like I would love watching my fellow small YouTubers, and be so inspired by their content, but for mine I'd be so insecure and not able to imagine people actually watching me without cringing. It's just something that you must get over. It actually gives you confidence when you find people engaging with you and your content. It really makes you re-re-evaluate yourself, that maybe you do have something valuable to share! 

As to physically filming in front of the camera, it kind of just clicked (lol pun unintended), it felt natural and comfortable, me just talking to me. This year in January, I was so excited to vlog for the first time that I actually turned on my phone camera and after driving home from work, started chatting. And I had an actual camera at home, but I just couldn't wait that long, I had to record right away! I get anxious in crowds, but the camera? You have to treat it like a friend that you're self-reflecting to. Almost like you're the narrator of your story if you would write it, except you're living it! My advice is to literally talk to the camera like you would to your best friend. Sometimes my bestie would watch one of my videos in front of me, and I'd point out and tell her, "I told you this before, remember?" or "I showed you this song," "I shared this story with you".

So when you get passionate about something important to you, try to share it in the same excitement and emotion you would to a human. And also it may take time for you to discover how to talk, what to say, what not to say, what to even vlog about, that's ok. You will learn how to be completely yourself on camera. And if you struggle with it? Share that too! People love exactly that: honesty, vulnerability, and being to relate to your insecurities!

5. If you could collab with any YouTuber, who would you pick?

I'd love to collab with Milena Ciciotti. Milena does faith-related videos that have really pushed me this year, to branch out and also cover faith-related topic videos. She really centers God in everything she does: YouTube, Instagram, her husband, friends etc, while at the same time being 100% transparent. And I want to learn how to do that, I would love to meet her and just talk about Christian struggles, and let her know how much she's impacted my life!

6. We all have one TV show that we hate to admit we watch, what is your guilty pleasure show?

Hmm, I used to watch The Bachelorette/The Bachelor! I only managed a couple of seasons, but then I got really angry about certain people not being picked, or the couple breaking up after the season. Everything is just so fake, so I'm like byeeee.

7. Is running a YouTube channel different to how you imagined it to be?

Oh man, do you have enough space for me to type out a freaking novel about this? It's completely different. Literally everything goes wrong, and it feels like the world is conspiring against your YouTube channel. You fail and you fail and then you fail some more. I've discovered that the things that look the most breezy and effortless, are the ones that have the most hard work behind the scenes. And people will never know. I started my channel in 2015 for like 2 months, and gave up because my laptop ran out of memory space. So this year, I promised myself that nothing was going to break me to stop filming and uploading. And oh trust me, every other week there has been something. 

But people's comments literally keep you going. I think people will never realize how their feedback impacts a creator, unless they themselves become one and experience it. It's definitely something I had no idea would change my life. I feel like I write pen-pal letters in my comment sections to friends I've made all over the world. Who would want to support me. Who appreciate me when I say "I'm lost". And like me for being just me. And we talk about important things, it's not just surface-level small talk (although you'll always get those "great video" comments one minute after uploading a 15 minute video). When you're honest, people are honest, and open up to you about their life, their losses, their insecurities. And that's the greatest feeling ever. It makes the insanity worth it. Because it feels like your voice is heard, and somehow inspiring people!

8. If you could move abroad anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I love this question! My eyes have been set on London for the longest time ever. Don't ask me why, it's just that feeling in my chest where I just know I have to do it. I've never even been there, but I hear it rains like almost the entire year, and that's the weather at which I am my best self at. I'd also love to go to Seattle (mostly because of one of my favourite movies, "Sleepless in Seattle").

9. How do you stay motivated to be productive?

I'm still figuring this one out, and I'll be honest, I suck at it. But this school year I've really felt myself gravitate to an actual rhythm, where I'll mentally schedule one day for replying to comments and finishing assignments, then the next day filming a video and editing, and the next finishing another assignment, editing and making the thumbnail. And then the next day will be for posting an Instagram photo, writing a caption and writing a blog post. So I try to divide it up into little tasks, because doing everything at once is too overwhelming!

Also no one is going to force you to be productive. You just have to wake up one day, and be completely sick of your sloppy lazy self. You have to find out what that self-fulfillment is for you, and from there you'll want to schedule days to work on it. You'll want to make time for it,  because you wont' be able to imagine your life without it anymore. That's blogging, Instagramming, and YouTubing for me. So once you're tired of watching people do great things through a screen, and actually get up and try, you'll never be truly productive, or fulfilled. 

10. What goals are you hoping to achieve in the next 3 years?

Oooh, this one scares me a little bit. I graduate university next year, so that thought creeping up on me, alone gives me shivers. School is like a security blanket, it's that thing you love to hate, but that gives you comfort because of its routine. My goals in the next 3 years is to live on my own, in a place that makes me really happy, and continue writing and filming content. I would really also love to publish a novel, a memoir and a poetry book. Hopefully I'm at a job that pays me to either write or edit, because I'm really passionate about that! But life is so unexpected, and that's why it's fun right?

Thank you so much Carina for answering these questions, I feel like I've learned a lot about you, and life in general! This was honestly such a great read and I genuinely enjoyed having you feature on my blog. So guys, if you haven't already, please go show Carina some love <3

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Izzynterview With: Tortor Smith

Today's interview is with someone who's content I have become so obsessed with since the moment I first came across it. Tortor is an animator who creates a range of motivational, educating and most of all entertaining content across 4 amazing channels: Tortor Smith, Animatortor, Tortor's Tarot and Tortor

1. You have multiple amazing channels, why did you first decide to start posting content on YouTube?

The first time I ever uploaded to YouTube was in 2008 and that was to showcase my very early stop motion animation work. I was in the process of applying to an Art Foundation course, and later an animation degree... so it was nice to have a URL to direct tutors to so they could see my level of work.

2. It's safe to say you've made a lot of videos, but what would you say is your most important one that you've posted?

The most important one for helping others would probably be the video I mad on depression. Since posting it so many people reached out to me to say that they were struggling themselves. To know they weren't alone in the battle was comforting to them. It's often not something people openly discuss. To see someone they knew IRL talk about it on YouTube made them realise everyone is dealing with their own stuff - we are never alone in our battles. I even had an old school friend, who I'd not  spoken to in over a decade, slide into my DMs to show appreciation for that one.

3. Everyone has something that gets on their nerves, what is your biggest pet peeve?

Relating to YouTube, my biggest pet peeve would have to be the negativity that has flooded the platform in recent years. As someone who had created content on-and-off for 10 years it is such a shame to see how destructive it has become for so many creators.

4. What would you say is the highlight of your career so far (either YouTube or jobwise)?

This is a hard one, there are so many things I could pick (not on YouTube). I think even though it didn't lead to a job, having an animation audition on a children's TV show was a pretty special moment. Unfortunately I can't go into specifics as I had to sign an NDA, but it was a really exciting day, and a memory I will treasure. 

5. Do you have any advice for content creators who would like to be more involved in YouTube communities?

Be proactive. Reach out to creators you like and find community groups on Facebook- there are plenty of them around. The majority of us are really friendly people and if you have those same qualities, and are a regular uploader of content, you will be welcomed with open arms by many creator communities. 

6. You always seem to be on the go, doing lots of projects and working hard. How do you stay so focused and motivated?

I really need to make a video about this, as it's something that a lot of people ask me. The truth is that I am just as disorganised as anyone else, I just exert a lot of self-discipline to overcome any lazy or unproductive tendencies. I have lists I make daily... I break up any tasks into 'need to do', 'want to do' and 'could do'- I find it helpful to priorities tasks by urgency/importance. I also have a 12-month plan I have made which is stuck on a massive A1 board so I can see the whole year in one view... it's nice to see progress on that scale and is really great for planning out and scheduling future videos effectively. As for motivation I have some bigger goals on a vision board, big things that I am aiming for, seeing those in my face every day really reminds me of what I could achieve... and is often a great way to over-ride unmotivated thinking. I do of course still have days where I don't want to do anything; I am just like anyone else in that respect. I let myself have those days. I embrace them. Sometimes I think it is important to stop and be lazy, we need that empty time to find further motivation and creativity. If you never fully stop it starts to inhibit your productivity long-term, so always allow yourself time off, and try not to feel guilty. 

7. How did you discover you had a passion for stop motion animation?

This is a funny one. I always used to watch things like Wallace and Gromit, The Clangers and Postman Pat growing up... however as a child I don't think I fully understood that these programmes were made by adults using stop motion animation, I think I just believed they were real?! It was much later on when I decided to give it a go for myself. At school I was creative and technique, my top two subjects were maths and art. During A-levels I completely messed up, I was doing Biology, Physics, Maths and Art... and I just couldn't cope - I broke - and my grades were slipping fast. Now I'm a very ambitions individual, so I had to think fast, and work out a new direction... i was not going to let this end my dream of getting a degree. A friend of mine was going to study Computer Science and that kind of lit a light bulb in my mind, could I do animation? I looked into it, and my tutors weren't very supportive.. but I was determined. I decided to start teaching myself and apply for an Art Foundation at a different college to get the UCAS points I needed. It was honestly the best decision I ever made. I nailed the course, and got into Uni with a scholarship too. So yeah in short, I discovered I had a passion for stop motion animation by a very happy accident. 

8. What is your favourite type of content to watch on YouTube?

For me this changes often. Currently, I am quite obsessed with motivational content and self-help type stuff. It's so easy to get into a stagnant way of thinking and I love how watching a motivational video can break down your own mental walls and help you approach something in a different way. Whenever I feel unproductive, or lost in life, these kind of videos always give me a healthy boost back to better thinking. 

9. What is the most important lesson you've ever learned?

Oh wow, there are so many things. I guess a really important one is that even though life is short, you don't need to have everything figured out in your early twenties. It's important to try lots of things, experiment, really find out what you like, and what you enjoy before you settle down into something. You potentially have 60+ good years in you, and if you use that time wisely great things can be achieved. There is no hurry to succeed and the most important thing to remember is not how much time you have, but how you choose to use that time - use it wisely. Sorry, I think that was several thoughts melded into one... basically live your life on your own terms, at your own pace, and hold yourself accountable to what you want to be truly happy. You should never live your life by what other people want for you, or what you think they want for you... follow your heart, your gut instinct, and just live your fullest. 

10. And finally, do you have a goal that you would like to achieve in the next year?

In the next year, so a year from now. Hmmm... I have many goals, some of which I keep private because I think that when a goal is shared it often loses its achievablility. I guess the one thing I have been trying to work out how to do recently is how to scale my animation business... so if in year from now that was my main source of income again I would be very happy. 

Oh, and in terms of YouTube. I'm shooting for growth, as always. In particular it would be nice to hit 1,000,000 views on my Tarot channel. I think I'm currently at about 80,000... so a million feels ambitions enough to strive for :)

Thank you so much Tortor for taking part in this interview. I feel like I've got to know you so much better, and thanks for reassuring me that I might still have 60ish years left to sort my life out haha! If you are a film creator or animating enthusiast yourself, please check out Tortor's channel, you'll really enjoy it!

Izzy K xxx 

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Izzynterview With My Sister Vicky

This interview of mine is going to be a little different, I actually decided to interview my baby sister Vicky. She's literally one of the coolest people I've ever met (she's gonna think I'm taking the piss but I'm really not) and definitely the funniest person I know. I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit better...

She told me not to post a picture of her,
but couldn't resist this little throwback ;)

She's also made one or two guest appearances on my channel

1. It's safe to say you're talented in a lot of things. What is your favourite hobby?

Aw, what a compliment! Um, my favourite hobby is probably reading. As much as I love writing, I think that there's something so special about picking up a book somebody else wrote – whether that was one year ago or fifty – and reading it and being taken to a different world like that. I like to go back and reread my favourite books a few times a year because I never really get bored of them.

2. Since you're so big on writing, would you ever consider starting a blog of your own?

Absolutely! Its actually something I'm hoping to do once the new academic year kicks off again and I get into a routine. I'd love to do book reviews and talk about my own writing techniques, what does and doesn't work for me etc.

3. I think it's safe to say you never sit down for one minute, how do you manage your time effectively?

I like to bullet journal a lot, which is a technique I discovered when I was doing my A-Levels. I'm a big fan of making lists and breaking down big tasks into smaller ones, which means I can tick them off quicker. It also stops me from getting stressed out – the more tasks I complete, the more motivated I am. I also have a very short attention span so I tend to be productive in twenty-minute chunks. I work on something for twenty minutes, then have a three-minute break, and then go again. After every productive hour I take a longer break. This is something that really helps me and stops me from getting burnt out. 

4. No one likes animals more than you. What's one pet you're hoping to get in the future and what would you name them?

Obviously, one of my #LifeGoals is to be able to afford my own horse. But in terms of an actual 'pet' -pet at the moment I'm a bit obsessed with the idea of getting a golden retriever called Teddy. I love dogs and we've never had one before, so as much as I like the idea of adopting from a shelter, I'd love to get one from a puppy so I get that experience and be a bit more prepared for when I feel ready to adopt one. 

5. Apart from German and English (both me and my sister are bilingual) what language do you wish you could speak?

I've always loved the idea of being able to speak in Latin. I'm not sure if it's a language that's actually spoken anymore of just written, but I think it's so cool and interesting how it's the basis for so many other languages out there. So, basically I'm cheating a bit there. 

6. Name something you're working on at the minute

I'm working on building a family home for my expanding Sims family. It's very important to me. I really want to spoil them. And, apart from that, I'm also chipping away at a draft of a story I've been working on for a while now. 

7. Now that you've finished your first year at university too, what would you say your favourite university moment has been?

There's lots of things, but it's probably just something all together like the movie nights where me and Abi, my flatmate, would just do face masks and watch chick-flicks in my bed with lots of popcorn.

8. Your top 3 songs to jam to at the minute?

High Five by Sigrid is a banger. I've also spent a lot of time recently listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, so I would say Non-Stop from there, too. And Easy to Love by the Jezebels will forever be a banger, and is probably one of my favourite songs ever.

9. I'm your big sister, I have to embarrass you in this interview. What is the cringiest thing you've done?

Oh please, please don't ask me this. I'm such a cringey person in general. I think the answer would have to be that I originally made my FaceBook account for my cat, as a loophole because my mum wouldn't let me make a FaceBook account for myself because I was too young. I was a bit jealous that everyone else seemed to have one and I was missing out (I really wasn't). So then everyone started to get friendship requests from 'Fidget Knight'; my first status was Just got castrated. Ouch! And it's still out there. 

10. What is one goal you're hoping to achieve in the next year?

Can I be basic and say that I want to grow my hair out? I'd also really like to improve my marks on my course from last year, and read 50 books. And join the gym! So – lots of goals.

So thank you very much Smelly (sorry had to embarrass you a bit Vicky) for taking part in this interview. I hope you enjoyed reading,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Review) *Spoilers*

ABBA's music brings people of all ages together, and I think we can all agree they have written the catchiest songs in all of history. For me, it was no surprise that the 2008 hit Mamma Mia (Phyllida Lloyd) was followed up with a sequel, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Ol Parker) this Summer.

Following the death of her beloved mother Donna (Meryl Streep), Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is preparing to take on the challenge of running the hotel and fulfilling Donna's dream, as well as welcoming a child of her own to this earth.

The plot has two story lines that run parallel to each other, the first being about young Donna's (Lily James) adventures on the island and how she met the three potential fathers of Sophie in the first place. The second storyline is about Sophie becoming a mother and how she feels a connection to what her mother went through.

The film has an all singing, all dancing and all star cast with all the loved characters from the first film making an appearance again for the most part. But Sophie's Grandmother truly steals the show, since she is played by the one and only Cher

Personally, the actress that stood out the most to me was Jessica Keenan Wynn who played young Tanya. She played this role so believably that I truly forgot that it wasn't actually Christine Baranski playing her younger self. I mean you've got to be talented enough to be a Hollywood actress as it is, yet alone being able to act in the same style as another and pick up their mannerisms. 

Naturally the soundtrack really was the winning part of this film. Most of ABBA's well known hits were used in the first film, which did make me wonder what they'd use in the second. Here We Go Again introduced songs such as Fernando, When I Kissed The Teacher, and Waterloo (my personal favourite ABBA song if you were wondering) to the big screen. However, this didn't stop them successfully reusing the big hits. I mean, you can't make a Mamma Mia movie without the song... Mamma Mia can you?!

The overall vibe of this film seemed a bit different to the first. The first was a cheeky little musical, that you couldn't help but sing along to. However this film, presumably due to its $75 million budget, has bigger dance routines and is just overall a lot more theatrical and dramatic than the first. As a result, the dance numbers have a cheesy and staged feel to them, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if that's what the audience was after.

Now musicals are normally feel good films, right? However, that doesn't mean that this movie doesn't tug at your heart strings. The cinema was filled with mothers and daughters crying their eyes out at the special bond between Donna and Sophie. But to keep it lighthearted, the film also has funny and witty one liners scattered throughout it. The ending is overly cheesy, but would you expect anything less from this feel good franchise? 

And now for the actual story line which is where my main issue with the film lies. The ending especially, felt very forced and it didn't seem to flow with the rest of the story. It just seemed like they wanted to tie the film up in the happiest way possible, even if it didn't come across as realistic.

But the plot holes were the biggest downfall of this film. Every single person I have spoken to about this film has been able to tell me a different error they've found with the story line. E.g. In the first film, Donna is talking to Tanya and Rosie about someone "up there" (and points upwards) having it in for her because she seems to have bad luck, and they reply that it must be her mother. Surely this implies that Donna's mother is dead? Then HOW COME Donna's mother comes to visit Sophie in the second?! And the order in which she meets the three potential fathers is different to the first and the dates don't add up. It just makes me wonder if the person who wrote this film had even seen the first.

I have very mixed feelings about this film, since I loved it but feel as though I shouldn't have. Therefore, if I was judging it based purely on entertainment I'd have to give it a 10/10, since it let me escape from reality for a bit and I'll definitely be watching it again when I have a bad day. However, the film student within me is screaming to give this film a 6/10 based on it's inconsistencies and overall quality. 

Have you seen this movie yet? If so let me know what your thoughts were in the comments below,

Izzy K xxx

Friday, 20 July 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Liner & Lipstick

It's well known within the makeup world that Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat (£16) in the shade Pillow Talk is a cult favourite. And then the beauty community lost their minds when Charlotte released the best selling shade as one of her Matte Revolution Lipsticks (£24). This duo was so iconic that I actually couldn't get my hands on it anywhere until now. 

The lip cheats are designed to re-shape and re-size your lips. Personally, I have the thinnest "white person" lips imaginable and over lining my lips always looked fake. However, with this lip cheat, you can literally draw them on as big as you like with them still looking natural. 

The shade Pillow Talk has been such a hit because it happens to be a shade that suits everyone. It's the perfect your lips but better shade. One the first glance I thought this shade wouldn't suit me because it seemed too pink for a nude lipstick, however when I tried it I realized it was in fact pretty close to my natural shade. 

And this lip liner also helps me to apply my lipstick with precision without going over the lines, and it keeps my lipstick on longer in general. It's not hard to apply at all, with the tip being small enough for precision, but also allows you to colour in your whole lips if you wish. This little cheat has become a handbag essential of mine!

Now onto the main show, the lipstick. The application is so easy, it literally glides on. Considering it is a matte lipstick it isn't drying at all on your lips. The only thing I will say is that compared to other matte lipsticks I have, it doesn't last as long. However, it does last an entire afternoon without needing a retouch so it's good enough for me. The colour is also a perfect match to the liner too, making it a perfect combination.

This lipstick and liner combo is the ultimate power couple of lip products, and I would rate it a 9/10 overall. It most definitely will be repurchased for me when I inevitably use it all up. And friends, if you don't have them in your collection I would definitely recommend it,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Son Of Rambow Review

Today's review is going to be of an older and, in my opinion, underrated film which is Son Of Rambow (2007, Garth Jennings). This is a coming of age comedy, set in the early 80's staring Will Poulter as the rebel 13-year old Lee Carter, and Bill Milner as the shy and naive 11-year old Will Proudfoot.

The boys couldn't come from more polar upbringings. Will was raised as part of the Plymouth Brethren Church, meaning he had to follow a strict lifestyle which includes not being able to listen to music or watch TV. His world turns upside down, yet maybe in a good way, when he first meets the school bad boy Lee Carter, who has just been thrown out of class for misbehaving.

Lee manages to convince Will to be the stuntman in the homemade film he's making to enter in a Young Film Maker's competition. As the name suggests, the movie they create is a spin off of the hit Rambow series. Soon, this film becomes the talk of the school, with everyone from the popular kids to the French Exchange students wanting a role in it The story really touches on the importance of friendship over popularity, and Lee becomes very vocal about the fact he feels like it was more fun when it was just the two boys making a film.

This film really is a family favourite. My parents love the nostalgia that it gives them as it shows children simply playing out and having fun with friends. For me, I could relate to the timeless childish humor and the banter between Will and Lee. The film is filled with funny lines and moments, including Lee's quick one-liners and the hilarious innocence that Will brings to the screen.

It isn't all fun and games though. The plot covers dark themes too, such as the death of a parent, prejudice and bullying. Son Of Rambow is an emotional rollercoster, which still manages to be a feel-good film at the end of the day.

My favourite thing about this film is the casting. Milner plays a convincing sweet character, who still has a lot to learn about the world. And Poulter is able to show a range of emotions, from being the cheeky schoolboy in one scene, to crying his eyes out about his family in another. This was the first film I'd ever seen staring Poulter, and ever since then I knew he was an actor to keep an eye out for because his talent was bound to take him far. The chemistry between the two characters is sweet to watch too, because it is clear they balance each other out and need each other's friendship.

Overall, this is the ultimate feel-good comedy. I would rate this a 10/10 because for me it's a film I can watch over and over without getting bored. Have you ever seen this film before? If so let me know in the comments, 

Izzy K xxx