Saturday, 21 November 2015

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner

Being the lippie enthusiast that I am, I'm always looking for ways to keep my lipstick on for longer. After looking around the internet for a while I found out that loads of beauty gurus swear by lip liner so I was intrigued to try it myself and see if it makes a different.

Naturally, I went straight to my favourite makeup brand, Rimmel London, to pick up the 1000 Kisses Lipliner. This bad-boy was a mere £2.99 which I think is a pretty decent price, and I picked the shade Black Tulip 63 because I have many lipsticks that will go with that shade.

I want to start off by saying that the colour is incredibly pigmented. You only need to apply one thin layer onto your lips and there you have it, complete coverage!

Rimmel's lip products are known for their lasting power, and I have to say that this lip liner is no exception. It's no exaggeration when I say that this lip liner lasts for hours and even when your lipstick has come off, this product still leaves a coloured stain on your lips. 

The one thing I'm a bit unsure about is the fact that it is fairly drying. I would compare applying this to using a literal pencil to draw a lip colour on your lips. Basically, it's not a very smooth product but I suppose it can't be if it's not going to budge off your lips.

Overall I would have to rate this product a 8.5/10 and I will most definitely be picking up a few more in different shades. If you're looking for a trusty lip product that would last all day this is the one for you, it most definitely will not let you down. What is your favourite lip liner? Let me know in the comments

Izzy K xxx