Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Nails That Have Taken My pInterest

Excuse the punny title I just thought I was being hilarious! Today's post, since it's Halloween (happy Halloween btw) will be my favourite Halloween nail designs.

*None of these are my own because I'm super untalented at doing nails and all credit goes to the creator themselves*

I went to my beloved Pinterest to get some nail inspiration and here are some creepy, but awesome nails that I found which are perfect for this time of year!

To be honest you could wear these nails all year round, but I especially love them at this time of year. The two colours that are ombred together definitely work well for Halloween, and they would still be suitable to wear after Halloween too. 

I love when nails have different designs on the ring finger because I just think it makes the whole manicure look so much more intersting. The black and sparkly nails look so elegant and the amazingly detailed spider's web definitely gives it a spooky look. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with these nails because they just scream "Halloween". I think it's also really cool that each pumpkin is a different colour because, again, it just makes the whole thing a bit more interesting to look at. 

How cool are these neon green nails. If I had this nail colour I'd totally give it a go myself. Again, I love that the ring finger has a different design. And if Frankenstein nails aren't perfect for Halloween, then I don't know what it!

Arrghhh how gorgeous are these nails?!? I love their pointed shape and of course the fact that their black and matte. To be honest, I'd wear these nails all year round, but they are still ideal for Halloween. 

Sorry if it seemed like I was being lazy by using other people's pictures, but I really wanted to do a nail inspiration post for Halloween this year. My nails are so short and damaged at the moment, and let's be real, ain't no one gonna want a nail tutorial with the state that my nails are in.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post gave you a bit of inspiration. How have you done your nails for today?

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Makeup Appreciation: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

If you've been reading my blog for a long time you'll know that I've been doing a series called "Style Appreciation" where I take celebrities who's style I adore and write about them. Well, I've just started a brand new series called "Makeup Appreciation" which essentially has the same concept.

The first person who I will be writing about in this series is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. I could literally write about her in my style inspiration or even write a post inspired purely about her hair, but I decided I would just start off by talking about her makeup today. Cheryl's makeup never fails to amaze me and every time I see her I literally think #goals. Here are some of the many reasons I am in awe with her makeup:

Smokey Eyes

There are some people that are known for pulling of the smokey eye look and Chezza is most definitely one of them. She has beautiful, dark eyes and the brown eyeshadow look that she often wears definitely emphasizes them. As someone with very dark eyes myself, I always attempt this look but I can never seem to pull it off!

Thick Lashes

On top of the smokey eyes, Cheryl tends to exaggerate her eyes even more with bold lashes. The lashes she likes to wear are usually longer on the outer lashes, creating a cat eye effect. 
The pop-star has even brought out her own line of lashes, and you can tell that they really are the style that she would wear. 


I think Cheryl's signature feature has got to be her dimples. They are definitely extreme dimples which just add to her cuteness. But I find that the contour she wears perfectly compliments her dimples and makes them even more noticeable. She seems to wear a bronze contour and if she wears blush, she wears a peach shade as opposed to pink. 

Glossy Lips

Throughout the years she has most definitely stuck to glossy lips instead of matte lips. The shades she most often wears are nude colours or dark red. But no matter what shade she wears, you can almost guarantee that it will be a lip gloss. 

Purple Eye Liner

Ok this is quite a cheeky look to include because it's not one that Cheryl often wears or one that she is known for. However, she did wear it on the X-Factor this year and I became absolutely obsessed with this look. She really rocked this look by wearing her usual smokey eyes, but used purple eyeliner to draw a wing from the lower lashes. 

So in summary, I really need to hire Cheryl's makeup artist! These were some of my favourite makeup looks from Cheryl from the last few years and I'm actually convinced she can wear any makeup and pull it off. What do you think about my new "Makeup Appreciation" series and what do you actually think of Cheryl's makeup? Let me know in the comments!

Izzy K xxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My Every Day Makeup Routine

Today's post and video will be a little bit different because I'll be attempting my first ever makeup tutorial. Yes that's right, a makeup tutorial!

I hope you enjoy watching :)

I never thought I'd be the type to do makeup tutorials, quite frankly because I have no idea what I'm doing and quite I literally just slap a load of makeup on my face until I think it looks decent. Another reason is because I have no idea how to film them in the first place. I had to find a place to put my mirror so that I could look into the camera but still see what I'm doing.

 Also, I had loaaaaaads of trouble with the voice over. I initially wanted my first makeup video to be a chatty one where I sat and talked to you guys whilst applying makeup. Unfortunately the odds were against me though as I ended up having laryngitis for 2 1/2 weeks which meant I had to film the actual makeup application first, and the voice over a couple of weeks later. And then my camera died so I had to do a voice over on my laptop, hence why the sound is really crackly. I do apologize for all this, but it was literally a nightmare trying to get this video together and I don't think I've worked on any video longer.

With all that said, I had sooooooo much fun filming this makeup tutorial. And don't you worry, I've learned from my mistakes and I know what to improve on next time. So who knows, there may be a few more tutorials to come in the future!

I hope you are able to tolerate my first tutorial and accept the fact that I will improve as time goes on. But most importantly I hope you enjoyed watching. What are your everyday makeup essentials? Let me know in the comments.

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Soap And Glory: Nothing But The Fruits Collection

Ok I have a little confession to make and please don't judge me too much because of it. I've had this product to review since January, but because my life is so incredibly organised I've only just got round to doing it now!

The Nothing But The Fruits set is by Soap&Glory, one of my personal favourite brands, and it can be found in Boots. The set consists of the Butter Yourself moisture lotion, Foam Call shower and bath body wash and Pulp Friction body scrub. Not to mention the fact it comes in a cute little cubed bag with a little bow-zip. How practical!

Butter Yourself Lotion:

I think this is my all time favourite body moisturizer I've ever tried. And that's a huge claim because I've tried millions of them. I don't think you can understand how truly moisturizing this lotion is, until you try it for yourself. After using it, I seriously feel the benefits from it for days after. And not to mention the smell is so fragranced and fruity, hence the name. The smell lasts for hours too, making me feel extremely comfortable in my own skin. 

Pulp Friction:

I'm certain that no other body scrub compares to this one. It intensely exfoliates your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and as smooth as a baby's bottom. My top tip is before applying fake tan, use this product in the shower because it means that the tan will glide on easily and with a fully even coverage. 
Foam Call:

I have to give it to Soap&Glory, this product does exactly what it implies. It leaves you feeling squeaky clean after every use. And for me, the scent of my shower gel is essential, because the stronger and fruitier it smells, the fresher I feel. 

Overall, I would say that I'm very impressed by Soap&Glory products, especially the ones from their Nothing But The Fruits Collection. I will definitely be purchasing more products by this company after trying these. I would have to rate them a 9.5/10 and I'm really struggling to find possible improvements for these products. Thank you very much for reading, and if you've tried this collection what did you think of it? 

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to go to the book signing of one of my favourite YouTubers, Louise Pentland, aka Sprinkle of Glitter. She is an extremely successful blogger, as well as a YouTuber with well over 2 million subscribers!

You just gotta love the front and back covers!

And as if she wasn't already successful enough, she only went and wrote a book called "Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter", a title which I think is perfect. This book is simply filled with Louise's personality, from the aesthetic of it, to the content inside. I feel like I'm literally reading an extended version of her blog, and you lot know how much I love reading blog posts.

I still feel so blessed to have a signed copy

This book is divided into four sections which are as follows: 


This section is about the rather glamorous side to Louise. When I saw Louise in person at her book signing I must say that I was truly blown away by her beauty and glamour. Therefore, I'm so very grateful of her sharing her secrets in this section. I particularly like the fact that she talked about being able to pamper yourself  at home, knowing that it would be unrealistic to suggest to all her viewers to book a spa day to relax. This section includes:
  • Beauty and Pampering
  • Partying
  • Meeting Celebrities
  • The Art Of Shopping
  • Travelling in Style

This really allows the reader to get in touch with their inner creativity. It's really filled with cute little inspiration of ways to sparkle up your every day life with a bit of crafts. And I must say the "anti baking" chapter is the one for me in this book. This section includes:
  • Setting Up Home
  • Prettifying Your Room
  • Crafts
  • Anti-Baking
Need to knows:

It's so nice to read a sort of "survival guide" from someone you really admire who's been there and done that. I really appreciate that she wrote a chapter on bullying too, because she has such a large audience to who her book appeals to and it's important that they realise that bullying isn't tolerated in this society and that they're not going through it alone. I also think its fantastic that this section will help build up young girl's confidence. It's so important for girls to have a strong confident woman role model, and this is definitely Louise. She's able to give tips and advice to literally thousands of girls around the world on the following topics:
  • Surviving Education
  • Bullying
  • Online Safety
  • Body Confidence
  • Comfort Zones
All about love:

I really admire Louise for sharing personal stories about the likes of dating and her love life. I feel like I really learned more about her and also, I had a good ol' giggle at some of the stories! Also, the chapters about Darcy and spreading kindness melted my heart and left me in a really good mood. This section includes:
  • Boys and Lurve
  • Dating
  • Bonding With Baby
  • Being Kind
And finally, I have to say that I adore the whole look of the book. I hadn't seen it before I went to her signing and the moment it was handed out to me I kinda froze because I was able to hold something so adorable. The book's theme is pastel colours, which some of you may know are my favourite colours, and there is even a little touchy-feely pot of glitter on the front. It's such a great little touch to the cover (if you'll pardon the pun).

I can't even deal with the cuteness of the page designs 

I truly had a wonderful read out of this book and I constantly find myself going back to it. Whether it's to learn something new or as a little pick-me-up, I know that this book will have just what I'm looking for. I don't often give 10/10 on a review, but I honestly can't think what could be added to this book to make it better. Although I do feel like this book is aimed at the female population, I believe that this book would have something for everyone. If you haven't already got your hands on "Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter" please get yourself a copy. Have any of you read this book, and if so what did you think of it?

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Q&A With Evangalina bows 12

Hello everyone! Today I'm here with a wonderful YouTuber that I've been loving under the channel name Evangelina Bows12. You can just tell that she puts so much effort into her videos and she definitely deserves more renegotiation.

This video called 8 Things I Hate About School really made me laugh :)

Here are the questions that I asked, and she answered :

Starting a YouTube channel is either a spontaneous decision, or something that people think about for ages beforehand. How long did it take you to start a channel?

It took me a pretty long time to make my channel and I had to wait a while for my filming equipment and in all that time taken I was able to convince myself I was actually going to make my channel. 

Would you rather spend an entire day with your favourite band, but you wouldn't be able to film or take pictures with them, or spend an hour filming a youtube video with them? 

I would rather film a video with them I think it would make a great memory to share and look back to.

What made you decide on your username and did you have a previous username?

This was my first pick for a username, and it took a while but I knew I wanted my middle name (Evangelina) and my favourite number (12) in it for sure.

Where do you get your inspiration for your videos? Is it from things you've experienced in your everyday life, something someone said, another YouTuber, or something else?

I get inspired from all of the above actually, if I see something that would make a great addition to my videos I'll do it. 

If you could swap lives with one person, also meaning that you looked like them and they looked like you for a day, who would you choose?

I would life as Eva because she's such an inspiration and seems like she's always doing something super fun. 

Do you remember who the first person you subscribed to on youtube was, and if so who was it?

I believe the first person I had ever subscribed to was Bethany Mota which is crazy because you see how far she got today and how much her channel has grown I'm really proud of her. 

How many people in your personal life know about your YouTube? Is it a secret or do you let everyone know?

I think about 15 people it varies from friends and family, and I don't go crazy talking about my channel but I don't exactly keep it a secret either haha. 

What genre of music do you listen to the most often? 

The genre of music I listen to is honestly all kinds it can range from country to rap, from hip-hop to light rock.

What do you think about blogging and did you ever consider trying it for yourself?

I actually quite like blogging a lot. I was thinking about making a blogging channel in the future when I have more subscribers. 

It's always nice to have little goals with your hobbies. Is there one particular milestone you're hoping to reach with your YouTube channel?

I'm hoping to one day hit around 1000 subscribers, it may be a big mile stone at the moment but I have a gut feeling I'll get there sometime. 

Thank you so much Jocelyn for answering these questions. I highly recommend you checking out her channel because she's so talented at making videos and deserves loads more subscribers. I will see you guys soon and thank you for reading. 

Izzy K xxx