Saturday, 16 December 2017

My Thoughts On Beauty & Lifestyle Advent Calendar's

In today's post I thought I'd talk about something a little different as I wanted to share my honest opinions on beauty and lifestyle calender's. This is something I had planned to write around for weeks, even before a scandal I'm sure you've heard about. Therefore I'm in no way throwing shade at a particular product, I just had a few things on my mind about the topic that I wanted to get off my chest. 

First of all I don't understand the price of them. I mean I get you're receiving your money's worth for the amount you get (or at least you're supposed to). But in comparison to a cheeky chocolate calendar, which only cost a couple of quid, you do have to admit they're on the pricey side of the spectrum, some being priced at £30+!

Now I understand you get to try a few new things and products in sample sizes, which is a fun idea since you get to try a bit of everything. However, I'd rather use the money I'd spend on an advent calendar where I might not like or use everything, on an additional present that I know I or the person I'm buying for would definitely receive. For me I can't justify spending that amount of money on sample sizes that I might not even like in the first place.

And lastly, I find that people are getting too wrapped up in the gifts (pun not intended) they'll receive everyday leading up to Christmas, and the excitement of Christmas day is just getting lost. Like I feel like it's become all about how many presents people can get before Christmas, as well on Christmas day and it just feels less special to me.

I'm not saying there's no way I'd ever not buy a beauty of lifestyle calendar, I just haven't found one yet where I can really justify spending the money on it. And I have nothing against people buying them, I know some people that genuinely enjoy every single item they get in theirs. I'm just saying some products really seem overpriced for what they are and I just don't like seeing people be ripped off when money can be spent much better, especially at this time of the year.

What are your thoughts on advent calendars, and do you actually recommend any that are worth the money? Let me know in the comments and I hope you all have a wonderful Winter time :)

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 9 December 2017

My Go To Winter Face

Hi there,

If you didn't already know then Winter is my favourite time of the year. And makeup is one of my favourite hobbies. So Winter + Makeup = something I like an awful lot.

So here is a summary of my all time favourite products to use during the most wonderful time of the year. I've linked the websites to all of them where you can have a little browse for yourself if you like: 


Thank you very much for watching. What is your go to "Winter face"? Let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

When you say "highlighter" the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm is often the first one that jumps to mind to many people, since it's such a hyped product. This retails for £19.99 at Superdrug, so as far as drugstore products go it's definitely on the high end side. But is it worth the price?

The first thing I want to talk about this product is the packaging. How adorable is it? The Balm's packaging always has some sort of "vintage" vibe to it, with each product coming with it's own little character on it. This highlighter has a sticker of a woman who presumably is Mary Lou herself, on the lid, making it stand out from other products in the drugstore.

And the packaging itself is of great quality. Since I suffer with an extreme case of butter fingers, I have dropped this highlighter one too many times. And do you know what happens? Nothing! Not to jinx it, but it seems to be pretty shatter resistant. And my favourite part of the packaging is that there is a high quality compact mirror on the inside of the lid, making it perfect for travel. 

As far as pigmentation goes, this product gives you a more natural look. The colour of the powder is a beigey-nude with gold undertones, and of course glitter. If you're looking for a blinding, in your face highlighter, this isn't the one for you. But if you're looking for an everyday glow I couldn't recommend a better highlighter. I find myself always grabbing for this one when I'm heading to class and want a subtle healthy glow. 

And for the price you pay for this product, you'd expect it to last all day long. And let me tell you, The Balm ensures that is the case with this highlighter. If you want a healthy all day glow, add this to your collection. And since it is pigmented, you really don't need a lot of product meaning it lasts ages in the actual pan. 

Overall, I would rate this a 10/10. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea since it doesn't blind you at first glance, yet I feel it is an essential for every day makeup. I can see myself repurchasing this product till the end, so I definitely recommend it to a friend. Have you ever tried this product? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution

Whenever I see a new type of eyebrow product, I must try it straight away. That's why when I saw the Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution kit, I immediately needed to give it a go. I picked this bad boy up from Superdrug for £6

Brow Revolution in "Medium Brown"

This kit is available in 5 shades, blonde, soft brown, auburn, medium brown and dark brunette. Inside the kit you get a brow gel and a brow spoolie brush. Personally I would have preferred a brow brush included in this kit, because I find the spoolie almost smudges out the product. 

Application of this brow product is seriously easy. The lid of the gel has a little brush applicator. I paint through my brows lightly, dispersing product into them. Then I paint in the shape of the eyebrow using an angled eyebrow brush. Although once dried this product doesn't smudge or run (and is waterproof) there is still enough time to paint the gel into the shape you desire. It is also a buildable product, allowing you to lightly paint the inner corners of the eyebrows, and darken the outside.

The shade medium brown is the perfect match to my natural brows. And it really does last all day long. Honestly, unless you purposely remove it at the end of the day, this brow gel will not fade at all.

Lately this really has been my go to eyebrow product just because it is so easy to use. I would give this kit a 9/10 and will definitely be repurchasing it. Have you ever tried this product before? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D is a makeup brand which is truly renowned for its all day lasting power. I was after an everyday lipstick that would last for ages without me needing to top it up. That's why I was intrigued to try the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick for £17. Since I was after a natural colour, I picked up the shade "Ludwig".

Cringe selfie but this is the shade when it's on!

The first thing I have to say about this lipstick is that it applies really well. You only need one layer for the colour to be bold, and you can honestly apply it in one stroke. I also find the applicator the perfect size to be able apply enough at once, yet still be precise to your lip shape.

Lipstick taste is something that is always vital for me. If something tastes off, I never want it anywhere near my lips. Luckily, this one doesn't have a weird taste at all, in fact it doesn't really taste of anything!

And now for the colour. Ludwig is for me is the PERFECT nude shade. It's just the right mixture between beige, brown and a hint of pink. It's honestly the ideal "your lips but better" shade. For ages, my favourite lipstick was Velvet Teddy by Mac, and this is the cruelty free alternative to that shade.

And last but not least I have to talk about the lasting power. Yes, you guessed it, this Kat Von D product does not budge. Like at all! It survives, eating, drinking, talking... it just survives the lot ok?! The only thing I will say is that this lipstick isn't really buildable, and it can be quite drying after a while. 

Overall, I'm so glad I tried this lipstick and I will definitely be picking up more. I would rate this lipstick a 8.5/10. Have you ever tried any of these lipsticks before? If so what shades would you recommend?

Izzy K xxx

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

Pixi pixi pixi... oh how you have stolen my heart. Recently I did a little Pixi haul and I'm obsessed with trying new things from this brand. So #sorrynotsorry but I'm reviewing yet another product from this heavenly brand. 

This week I've decided to share my thoughts the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. This beauty retails for £16, so as far as fixing sprays go, it's definitely on the more pricey side. But is it worth it?

This particular mist is infused with rose water and green tea in order to "protect and balance skin for a fresh face". I can tell you first hand, this product is definitely a refreshing touch to your face. Especially if you're like me and are always tired in the morning when applying your makeup and need a little waking up. 

The instructions of this product are to apply after your makeup to set it. And it also advises to hold 15cm away from your face before spraying. I would definitely recommend this tip too, along with the fact that A LITTLE GOES A VERY LONG WAY with this spray. I remember the first time I used this product it was actually a #fail on my behalf. I assumed I'd need a lot of the product in order to properly set my makeup. I well and truly soaked my face, which meant my makeup ran all down my face... and then set. But ever since spraying only a little bit on my face, I never had that trouble again and the mist has been rather successful. 

But from that experience I can tell you that once this is sprayed on your face, your makeup does not budge. From what I can see, it mattifies your face, taking away shine and stickiness that your foundation might leave you. But the amazing thing is that it doesn't leave your face feeling dry at all, in fact it's rather hydrating. And I can't even tell you how good this product smells!

As far as results go, this definitely keeps your makeup on for a fair while. Since this is the first makeup fixing spray I've ever tried, I personally have nothing else to compare it to. But I've read reviews saying that people have tried other brands that are cheaper, but have given longer lasting results. 

But for me, the "WOW" factor is really all about the finish it gives your makeup. I honestly can't complete my makeup look without this now, because it just feels wrong not to. It well and truly sets your face, and the best part is, you only need a little bit to finish the look.

Overall I am very happy with this product. I think I may still try other fixing sprays, just to see how they compare. But I have already repurchased it, so you know I think it's worth the money. I would rate this product a 8/10, and have already been recommending it to people. Have you ever tried this product? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Pixi Bronzer

Pixi, Pixi Pixi... oh how you are slowly becoming my favourite brand. 

Since it's Summer, but I spend most of my life in my room on my laptop, I still want to achieve that "Bronzed Goddess" look. That's why, when I saw that Pixi, a brand I'm very impressed with, has a lovely, glowy powdered bronzer out, I knew I needed to try it.

I brought their Bronzer & Kabuki Brush for £18 from Marks&Spencer's. It is available in 2 different colours, Subtly Suntouched and Summertime

The first thing I want to say about this product is that the colour pay-off is actually incredible. You only need to dip the brush in lightly, and then start powdering your face for a really natural looking bronze glow. The colour is definitely on the warm-toned side, but it is buildable so it can create a natural look on any skin tone.

And my favourite thing about this bronzer is that it contains tiny amounts of shimmer. Not in a "I'm glowing like Edward from Twilight" sort of way. More like an "Oh look at how sunkissed I am" sort of way. It's the perfect amount of sparkle for you to look glowy this summer, without looking like a disco ball.

The brush itself is also a really handy tool. I'm really impressed with the quality of the brush, since it is super soft and really does the job for bronzer. The only thing I will say is that it is on the slighlty smaller side, especially the handle of it. But this does make it ideal for traveling. 

And I'm a huge sucker for pastel colours, so I adore the fact that the packaging is in a pastel green colour. Also little life hack with the packaging: it's a screw on lid, not a click into place lid. But this is perfect again if you would like to take it travelling because it won't pop off in your suitcase.

Overall, I would rate this little set a 9/10 and I would definitely class it as a Summer essential. I hope you enjoyed reading this review, what is your Summer essential?

Izzy K xxx

Friday, 14 July 2017

Collection Sheer Loose Powder

You know that whole craze all the beauty gurus keep going on about which is baking? Well I tried to hop onto that bandwagon, but in order to do that I needed to pick up a loose powder. Since The Collection Sheer Loose Powder was only £2.99 from Superdrug, it seemed like a no-brainer to at least give it a go!

I picked up the shade "Translucent" and that's definitely how I would describe this shade. It leaves absolutely no colour on your face once it's applied, which is definitely a bonus because it suits any skin shade. 

And another thing I will say about this product is that it smells really good. I'm not really sure what it smells of (it's definitely perfumed though) but it smells amazing when you apply it.

The application process of this powder is, in theory, quite an easy one. You give it a lil shake and small amounts of the powder fall into the top compartment, making it easy to dip your brush in just a small amount of powder. However, I find it difficult to transfer this powder directly from the brush to your face. The fall out with this product is insane, and I do feel like I'm wasting a large portion of this product with each application because it just falls down my T-shirt.

The lasting power of this product is also pretty good, for it's price. I mean it keeps your makeup in place and set all day. And it gets rid of any oily areas for a matte looking finish. he only thing I did notice with this powder is that it caused a tiny bit of creasing, especially under the eyes. 

Overall I would rate this product a 6/10. I mean, for it's price you really can't complain that much. However, I'm in no hurry to repurchase it because I'm sure there are better loose powders out on the market. Have you ever tried this product before? If so what did you think of it?

Izzy K xxx

Friday, 30 June 2017

Pixi H20 Skindrink

Yes that's right, I'm writing to inform you once again about another Pixi product that I have found that has turned into my holy grail. I picked up the H20 Skindrink for £24 since I was in need of another moisturizer. 

My first reaction to this is how great it smelt. It smells sooooo refreshing, but not in a fake scented way. It just smells like there's lots of vitamin goodness in it.

The texture of this moisturizer is more like a gel than a lotion, yet it's not sticky or thick feeling. It literally soaks into your skin and applies so smoothly. 

This product is designed to be used in the morning as you start your day. Your makeup will apply perfectly over this product, in fact I find mine applies better when I use it. 

And the actual results of this product are just astonishing. Instantly, I can tell that my skin feels more refreshed. In fact, it's basically like my skin is thanking me for being able to breathe again. And your skin just feels baby soft for the rest of the day after applying.

I would honestly rate this product a 10/10 since I have zero improvements that can be made and it is the best moisturizer that I have ever used. Have you ever tried anything from Pixi before? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

One thing I really need to invest more in is hair care. I need to invest both time learning about what is good for my hair, as well as money in actual products. I wanted to start looking after my hair better by switching to a healthier shampoo.

Thanks for the shampoo Jerry ;)

The first place I thought about using is Lush, due to their natural ingredients and animal friendly products. Since I have highlighted hair, I decided to pick up their purple shampoo called Daddy-O. The price of this product ranges from £5.95 for 100g to £32.50 for 1kg

This product contains natural ingredients, such as lemon and lime juice which are beneficial in adding brightness for your hair. At first, I was worried that these juices would dry out my hair, but I found this shampoo actually does the opposite of that. From the first time using this shampoo, I realized my hair already had more volume, bounce and life in it compared to when I use drugstore shampoos.

Although this shampoo is designed for blondes and silver hair, it can most definitely be used on any hair colour. Compared to other purple shampoos on the market, this one won't actually change the colour of your hair at all. I just find the colour is not strong enough to actually do that. But what I will say is that instead of taking the brassy tones out of your hair, it does a good job of maintaining your hair to stop the tones forming in the first place.

And can I just say how good this shampoo smells?! It genuinely smells like you're rubbing Parma Violet sweets on your hair. And I've received so many compliments that I smell good, and have deduced that the smell people were complimenting was actually this shampoo.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product and have actually brought another, bigger bottle of this shampoo. In my books, it gets a 9/10 and I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Have you ever tried any lush products? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Mascara

Soap & Glory is slowly becoming one of my favourite brands, with each product that I try impressing me more than the last. A few years ago actually, I tried this very product and I was so pleased with the results so I wanted to pick it up again to see if I still had the same thoughts about it.

The Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen Coat Mascara can be purchased from boots for £10.50. 

My first impression of this mascara is that the wand makes it very easy to apply. Lot's of product is applied at once, so there is no need to pile loads of layers on top of each other. However, the bristles of the brush make sure it is completely clump free.

The thing about this product that really grabbed my attention is how long and full it truly makes your lashes look. I remember always being asked whether I'm wearing false eyelashes when I used to wear this mascara, and I can see why. It just makes your lashes longer, but still natural looking. When I want a look to be dramatic, all I have to do is pop a couple of layers on.

The lasting power of this mascara is incredible, and I never ever ever find it smudging to give that desirable panda-eye look! And the packaging is something that I find impressive too. I don't know why, but gold always screams "classy" to me. 

Overall I would rate this product a 9/10 and it is definitely the best drugstore mascara I've tried. I honestly don't know why I stopped using this mascara in the first place, but I know that is something that I'll be repurchasing from now on. I hope you enjoyed this review, and let me know if you've tried this product before in the comments,

Izzy K xxx 

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Pressed Powder

Recently I've been experimenting and trying out a various amount of different pressed powders. I know they don't seem like the most exciting product to try, but I'm always so chuffed when I find a good one that I want to stick to. Here are my thoughts on the Kick Ass Pressed Powder by Soap & Glory for £12. 

The first thing I want to talk about is the actual formula of the powder. It definitely has a powdery feel to it, yet sets incredibly smooth onto the skin. And my favourite part about this powder is that it absolutely does not crease throughout the day. 

Although this powder is "translucent", I find it does have a slight banana shade to it. Even though it doesn't completely change the colour of your face when it's been applied, I would still bare in mind that it does have a slight yellow effect to it. But this makes it perfect for an under eye setting powder.

Since this powder blends extremely well, it sets your face completely and keeps your makeup from budging. This is definitely a long lasting product.

The only issue I have is that I wish there was more product for the price, which is greedy I know! But I find I hit pan faster than with cheaper powders I tried. Still, I will almost definitely be repurchasing this product. 

Overall I would rate this product a 9/10 and I would really recommend it! Have you ever tried any soap and glory products before, if so what did you think?

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Sleek Mascara Lethal Length

As someone who has recently switched to cruelty free makeup, something that has been lacking in my makeup collection is cruelty free mascara. I turned to one of my trusted brands, Sleek, and picked up their Lethal Length Mascara from Superdrug for £6.99, which I consider a good price.

The brush of this mascara is something I fell for instantly. It's made up of lots of fine and strong bristles which guarantee a clump free application. On one side of the brush the bristles are bigger than the other, making it easy to use on both top and lower lashes.

However, for me the formula of the mascara isn't exactly what I'm looking for. I desire long and luscious lashes which are bold and defined. But since this mascara is a pretty dry and fine formula, I find I have to build up several layers to get the look I want. And even then it doesn't seem as dramatic as other mascaras I've tried in the past.

But what I will say is that this mascara is the best one I've ever tried for lower lashes. I always find that other mascaras leave my lower lashes looking almost spider like, but this one is perfect to add a bit of length without looking fake.

So to summarize, this mascara is a great natural looking mascara, and it is my go-to lower lash mascara. However, for top lashes I cant' see myself reaching for this mascara often since I always have to top it up with a few coats of another mascara anyway. 

Overall I would rate this mascara a 6/10 just because it doesn't give me the results I'm personally looking for. But I still can't deny that if you're looking for a natural looking mascara, this does the job very well. Have you ever tried this mascara before? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Pixi Glow Tonic

Spoiler alert: This is my all time favourite product ever to have made contact with my face. I physically cannot wait till the end of this post to summarize that I adore this product with all my heart. Stop what you're doing right now, and add this item to your basket. If you want to know why I like this item so much, keep on reading...

I purchased the Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml from Marks And Spencer for £18. It's something I'd consider to be on the pricey side of the skin care spectrum, yet for the quality you get from it, I don't mind paying the price.

This tonic can be used on a clean dry face, and I find it works really well to remove any impurities left on my skin. Since it contains 5% glycolic acid, it works really well as an exfoliator, leaving your skin refreshed. 

It also contains aloe vera, and despite it being an exfoliator it doesn't irritate your skin at all (from personal experience at least). The bottle claims it is suitable for all skin types, and I'd back this claim up since I have very sensitive skin and it's worked a treat for me. 

As for the results I just have to say that they are beyond incredible! I've convinced many people to check this out for themselves, not only by talking about it, but by them seeing the results that it's had on my skin in person. I've received comments on my youtube channel, asking me what I use on my skin because it's literally glowing (thank you pixi!) And my sister came into my room one evening that I had just applied this product and she was screaming at me, demanding me to tell her what my skin care secret was. In her own words she said "IZZY WHAT ARE YOU USING ON YOUR FACE! YOU'RE GLOWING LIKE A VICTORIA SECRET ANGEL"

Annnnnd did I mention that it smells absolutely gorg too? That's an added bonus!

I'd like to thank the girls who work in the beauty department at my work for suggesting this product to me, because it's literally changed my life. Without exaggeration I probably spend about 10 hours a day purely raving on about how good this glow tonic is. In summary I'd rate this an 11/10 because there is no way this can be improved and it's literally the best skin care product in the world. I'm already adding this to my basket to stock up when I run out, and I highly suggest you all do the same,

Izzy K xxx

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pixi Double Cleanse

Ok without trying to sound too excited I have a new favourite skin care brand. Pixi. And it all started with the duo cleanser that I tried. I picked the Pixi Double Cleanse up from Marks And Spencer for a pricey £24.

The packaging of this product is definitely something that is eye catching. Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a sucker for pastel colours, in particular pastel green. So I was instantly drawn to this range, and it definitely stands out of the shelf compared to other brands.

The duo cleanser is separated into two parts; the solid cleansing oil, and a luxe cleansing cream. So although it is contained in one box, it contains two products so I think it's great to have a two in one product.

I've found the solid cleansing oil to be really efficient in removing any impurities on my skin. Anything that remained on my face after removing my makeup simply glides off with this product. Like I mean literally glides right off leaving nothing behind.

The cleansing cream has proved to be really soothing. I just find that it's the perfect finishing touch to a deep cleansing routine.

As far as improvement to my skin, I've found that this product has really worked. I can truly say that my skin itself has never felt so clean and smooth. When I say it removes everything from your face, I well and truly mean EVERYTHING.

Overall I would rate this product a 10/10 and I will most certainly be repurchasing it. I honestly don't think I can live without it and I'll keep trying to convince people to give this a go because people are honestly missing out if they haven't tried it. Have you ever tried anything from the best brand ever, Pixi? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx