Sunday, 14 September 2014


I decided to buy a new lip gloss to build up my lip collection. 

The one I ended up getting was Apocalips by Rimmel. The price was £6.49 which is around the same price as the mascara I usually get. I somehow managed to stay away from the mascara though, which is a success for me because I'm too addicted to buying it. 

Apocalips in "Shooting Star"

Apocalips comes in an interesting design. It's fairly small and light so easy to slip into your purse (that probably sounds like I stole it but I promise I paid for it).

The colour is shown at the bottom, making it easy to distinguish between the many different shades they offer. When you take the lid off, it scrapes away any access lip gloss, which ensures that none is wasted. 

This is my first "lip lacquer" and is nothing like I've ever tried before. Imagine having a something that's like lipstick and lipgloss mixed together. That's what Apocalips is! I no longer have to find matching lipgloss and lipstick to wear together. 

One Layer in the colour "Shooting Star"

As for the formula itself, it's thick and lasts for almost twice as long as anything I've ever tried before. It even manages to stay on whenever I have a drink or snack, which trust me, is a lot! 

Something I always enjoy about lip products is the taste. That's where Apocalips seemed to let me down. For some reason I imagined that it would have a delicious flavour like vanilla or something. Unfortunately it does not. Its not a particularly bad taste, but it could be a lot better. 

I would rate Apocalips a high 8/10. I'm also looking forward to trying the matte version Rimmel have just brought out. 

Thank you very much for reading. I'll answer any questions in the comments xxx