Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Simply Home by Yankee Candle

Happy 2015! I hope you all have a great year. I'm going to kick off this year's blog with a review for Simply Home by Yankee Candle.

What is Simply Home you ask? The trusted people at Yankee Candle have decided to start a collection of candles in a range of colours and fragrances that compliment your home decor. Clever eh?
I think they look pretty cute as decorations in my room

Even though it is from a different collection, Simply Home is made out of the same wax as Yankee Candle Classics. That means they have the same high quality as any other Yankee Candle product. They burn fairly slowly, allowing you to enjoy their strong scent for a long time. Even the sample size that I've used have lasted between 4-6 hours which is quite impressive considering their size. 

If you are interested in buying them, they are available at the following stores:
  • Asda
  • Asda Living
  • Tesco
  • B&Q
Overall I think these candles are the perfect present for someone, or if you just want to treat yourself. I'm going to kick off the new year on a positive note as I'm actually going to give Simply Home a 10/10. I don't often do that either! I would recommend these to anyone, because who doesn't love high quality candles?