Monday, 24 August 2015

Q&A With Rainbow-Rose Blossom

I'm back for my latest Q&A with one of my absolute favourite bloggers, Rainbow-Rose Blossom. If you haven't read her blog yet I highly recommend you do! Her blog is a bundle of inspiration and I know I can always rely on her to put a smile on my face. She gives wonderful advice and teaches you that anything is possible when you learn to love and believe in yourself. Have I mentioned that she's amazing yet? Because she really is!

If she isn't the human representation of happiness then I don't know what is!

Let's get on to the actual questions:

What made you want to start a blog in the first place. Did a friend suggest it to you or did you simply read other blogs and want to try it for yourself?

I was studying personal training and my goal was to be a personal trainer helping people fight their eating disorders and learning to love themselves, my tutor told me I would struggle to pick up a client base as its something that isn't really talked about and that I didn't really want to deal with the weight loss side of it which is about 80% of the market. I was talking to my counselor about it one time and one time she suggested starting a blog as it was a great way to get my knowledge, story and inspiration out there to be able to help others. 

If you could immediately travel five years back in time, or five years into the future, which one would you choose?

Five years into the future, it would be really cool to see where I am and the people close to me are in life and how I've grown as a person. 

Do you have any top-tips for new bloggers?

Be you because everyone else is already taken and the world doesn't need another Zoella or Sprinkle of Glitter it needs you! Also focus on having good content even if your blog is a bit ruff around the edges people are going to come back because of who you are and your content. Lastly interact and network with other bloggers and promote your blog on social media platforms, this is something I've struggled a lot with, I didn't really understand how to get it out there. Besides having some Facebook friends read my blog, I talked to myself for a good year and a half and I'm sure a lot of you out there have been there too, make an effort to interact with other bloggers regularly and post on your social media platforms. 

Have you had any particular obstacles you've had to over come?

I've suffered with an illness called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 7 years which meant my body never recovered from Whooping Cough and would mimic the symptoms of it every 6-8 weeks, I was always exhausted, couldn't do exercise and only attended school part time. The Dr's put me on a shock dose of a medical steroid to try and help it but one of the side effects was massive weight gain. I hated and blamed myself for becoming sick. When I was 15 I had read eating healthy helps with the syndrome and I started chopping out certain foods and when I found I felt better, I began chopping out more and eating less and less as the voices in my head were telling me and had been for sometime that I'm worthless, disgusting and wasn't good enough for anything or anyone including food because I wasn't good enough to live. I was diagnosed with Anorexia. I eventually decided to choose recovery because of how much it was hurting my parents and to fight for my dreams; I found healing through self love, weight lifting and clean eating.

I've struggled to believe in my blog and how to get it out there but if there is a will there is always a way!

Did you have a favourite subject at school and do you still use the skills you learned from that subject today?

Science I think was my favourite and no I don't use what I learnt. Only attending school part time and having a lot of sick days I did watch a lot of Dr Phil and Oprah which had an impact on me, understanding the struggles many people face and becoming more knowledgeable on that side of my life. I feel my life experiences have taught me far more than my school education ever did. 

Switching hair colour and spicing things up is always fun. What is your favourite colour to dye your hair?

As long as it has a few bright colours all over I'm pretty happy. I would have to say the Superwoman and My Little Pony hairstyles I have had have been my favourites so far though. 

What would you say is the coolest thing you've got out of blogging so far?

Inspiring people, it's always cool when I see people say that my posts help them in some way, that my pain and knowledge counts for something and can help others.

Where do you get your inspiration for your posts? Do you go to the same place each time or does it vary?

My struggles, the struggles of those around me, conversations with people, observing others and their conversations, TV shows, books and music. Sometimes I write in a way that's like an alter ego giving myself advice that I need and I know others need too.

Is there one particular question that you always get asked that gets on your nerves?

Not really, on a rare occasion I get someone making an inappropriate joke about my colourful hair or something involving rainbows but it doesn't happen that often. The most entertaining thing however has to be the look on a person's face when they call me rainbow girl and then I tell the that Rainbow is actually my name!

Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?

I hope that it is something that still really inspires people and holds a lot of knowledge; I would love to make it more helpful and interactive and have it as a part of my career. I'm really inspired by Gala Darling who started Radical Self Love which helped me so much in my recovery and just what she has done and continues to do on her blog. I'm also really inspired by Greg Plitt and the legacy he created, the motivational videos he did and the way he helped people transform their bodies and lives with his website. If you've never heard of these two you seriously need to look them up. 

I seriously think this was such an interesting Q&A. Some of the answers actually brought tears to my eyes because Rainbow has been through so much and yet still come out the other end smiling. Thank you so much for doing this post with me Rainbow and thank you to everyone reading this xxx