Saturday, 2 July 2016

Beauty Brands I'm Boycotting

In a few days time (spoiler alert) I'll be posting my video about my decision to go cruelty free with my makeup and beauty products. In that video I talk mainly about why I decided to stop buying anything that is tested on animals, so in this post I decided to talk about the specific brands I'll no longer be using since I ran out of time in the video.

Long story short, I've decided to stop using any products who's ingredients or final product have been tested on animals. Therefore I am completely boycotting any products that test on animals in the meantime and I will not be purchasing anything from their brands until they stop.There are so many different ways that companies can test their products which don't involve the lives of innocent creatures, yet some brands choose to ignore that and only look at the profit side of things. 

Upon research I've discovered that a lot of the brands I use on a daily basis are not cruelty free; something that surprised me since to be honest I thought we were past all that in this day and age. When I found out how many of the brands that were my "top favourite brands" actually do permit animal testing I was instantly disgusted and now, whenever I see those brands, I just get an image in my head of a little bunny or mouse being subjected to cruel treatment. I know for sure I wont be going back to those brands because for me no lipstick could possibly be worth an animals life. 

There are many different ways that companies say that they are cruelty free, but they are not in fact. Some of their "little tricks" to get away with testing on animals is saying things like "we don't test any of the ingredients on animals ourselves" when in fact they hire another company to do their dirty work just so they wont ruin their image. Another thing they do is say "we don't test on animals unless it is required to do so by law". It is required by law in China that any cosmetic product sold in that country must be tested on animals before hand, so naturally, any company that sells in China 100% definitely contributes to animal testing. Although I get where they're coming from that makeup products are high in demand in China where being cruelty free isn't even a possibility (my condolences for any Chinese people trying to live a cruelty free life), I still find it shocking that so many companies rather choose to give up their morals than lose profit. And I'm disappointed by the increasing number of brands that are slowly starting to sell more and more of their products in China. 

So after doing my research and sorting through my makeup bag I have realised that a lot of the products I own have been essentially tested on animals (I will not be throwing away any of the products I already have because I don't believe in waste and in my eyes the damage is already done but there is NO WAY I will be repurchasing them) The following brands will be leaving my makeup collection:

  • L'oreal (these are big offenders since they are the parent company of many other brands)
  • Maybelline
  • Bobbi Brown
  • MAC (goodbye dreams of owning a MAC lipstick collection)
  • Rimmel (You know I'm serious about something when I'm giving up my beloved Kate Moss lipstick)
  • Urban Decay (a little part of me died typing that but it's so worth it for the animals)

There are many more brands that unfortuantely are not cruelty free but these are the main offenders in my own personal collection. 

If you too are interested in going cruelty free I have found a wonderful blog that provides information on which brands do not test on animals called Cruelty-Free Kitty. When I first decided to change to this lifestyle I honestly though I would have to give up makeup completely so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are in fact LOADS of cruelty free brands, and I will be able to replace all my current beauty faves with an ethical alternative. 

From now on everything in my videos and blog will be cruelty free since I am no longer supporting the use of animal testing. I really hope that these laws will be changed in the near future and that animal testing will no longer be a thing but in the meantime it looks like more and more companies are going down the wrong path which is why I decided to make a stand. I understand that going cruelty free can be a drastic change and it can be hard to give up the things you love. But (without sounding preachy) I strongly ask you to at least think about the products you are using and what you are contributing towards by buying them. If any of you are thinking about going cruelty free I'd love to know in the comments, after all, many voices standing together and saying "this is wrong" is much stronger than one person taking a stand on their own. And then who knows, maybe one day we will live in a world where every beauty product is cruelty free!

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts on this issue,

Izzy K xxx