Saturday, 4 October 2014

Eau De Teint Foundation

Whilst looking for some lighter foundation I stumbled across Eau De Teint by L'Oreal Paris. I brought it from Superdrug for £9.99.

Eau De Teint in the shade "Pure Beige"

I really like the fact that you can hardly feel or notice that you're wearing it. On good skin days I can just use a bit to even out my skin and not cover my whole face in heavy makeup. It's incredibly natural looking too.

Another thing I like is how blendable it is. A little does a lot with this foundation so I can actually use less on my brush compared to other brands. I still would have preferred it to be in a slightly bigger bottle though, as it only comes in 20ml.

What really let me down about the product was the packaging. Although the glass casing looks extremely elegant and classy, it does make it rather impractical. I feel like it could break at any moment!

Another difficulty with the packaging was that it comes with no pump. This means you have to pour the fairly runny mixture onto a makeup brush which is a messy experience, as you could imagine.

As a result of the disappointing packaging I'm rating Eau De Teint a 6/10. Nevertheless, I would still recommend this foundation to people who are looking for a lighter feeling foundation.

Thank you for reading I will answer any questions in the comments xxx