Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Q&A With Bria Lou

I'm super excited to share this post with Bria Lou from Lou's World. Her blog was one of the first I ever started reading, and I'm sure I will continue to read it as long as she posts. She is a very talented writer and you can tell she has a passion for reading and writing. The effort she puts into her blog alone is a fantastic reason to read it, not to mention the great content she posts.

Now lets get onto the actual questions:

Starting a blog is either a spontaneous decision, or something people plan for a long time before trying it. How long did you want to start a blog before you actually did?

A few years before actually starting my blog, I had the spontaneous idea. However, I had no idea what blogger, or even wordpress, were! So I started a mini blog on wattpad. Then, when that wasn’t working, I tried Tumblr. But I didn’t have any idea how to use Tumblr, and I still don’t! So I put the hope of starting a blog on hold. Then, years later, I was on wattpad one day and I saw that a girl had a blog on blogger, so I looked it up and saw that blogger was a thing – and an amazing thing at that! And the rest is history!

Since Summer's here lets reminisce about holidays. What is the best holiday or trip you've ever been on?

2 or 3 years ago I went on holiday to Devon with family and it was just such a nice time. It was really relaxing because it was a beachy area that wasn’t too touristy. I had my laptop with great internet connection, the view of the beach outside and a town area with shops. It was great!

If you could press a button to gain 1 million followers instantly, would you press it and why?

I would definitely press it! As much as I love blogging for blogging, I obviously want people to read it. Otherwise I’d write a diary. Plus if I had a million followers, I could make a big difference with my posts and maybe be a positive influence on a lot of people!

Who was the first YouTuber you ever watched and do you still watch them nowadays?

The first YouTuber I ever watched was Carrie Hope Fletcher, and I do still watch her today. I think I’ve watched every video that she’s ever made!

It's always nice to feel that sense of achievement when you reach a milestone. What is your ultimate blogging goal?

As of right now, I’d love to reach 100 followers on bloglovin’. But in terms of long-term goals, I’d love to hit 100K views and maybe 1000 followers? That’s something to reach for in the very distant future! And to be able to blog full-time, but that’s an obvious goal!

With that said, what's your biggest blogging achievement so far?

Hitting 50 followers was a major achievement. But recently, hitting 25K views! It was amazing, especially people commenting that my views are really increasing quickly! It’s the biggest sense of achievement for me!

Are you more of a Winter or Summer person and why?

I’m a winter person through and through. I was born in December and I have loved it ever since. I have never been the biggest fan of summer, the heat and I do not mix! Plus, it has the best celebrations. What’s better than Christmas?!

Do you like animals and if so what is your dream pet?

I’m not the hugest fan of animals. I never really had pets growing up at all, apart from fish. If ‘dream pet’ could mean ‘fantasy pet’, I would completely have a unicorn or a mermaid (if you can have mermaids as pets!). If we’re talking about realistic pets, maybe a kitten.

What's the most annoying question you get asked on a regular basis?

Probably ‘What are you going to do with a creative writing degree?’ or ‘What do you want to do in the future?’ just because I think I’ve answered them for everyone I know over a thousand times!

And to summarize, what message are you trying to get across with your blog?

That being a beauty blogger is not the only way to be a successful blogger. I’ve been told that my blog has a ‘little bit of everything’ and that really makes me happy. But more than that, I just want to instil a bit of positivity into the world. And I really hope that I achieve that!

Thank you so much Bria Lou for taking part, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your answers. You can simply tell you're filled with personality! And thank you to anyone who's reading this, I hope you enjoyed. (Also, I'm still on holiday as this is being posted so I'll reply to comments when I get back) xxx