Saturday, 18 July 2015

Q&A with Silence The Stigma

Recently, I stumbled upon a lovely little blog called "Silence The Stigma" and I instantly fell in love with it, because I also feel passionately about the topics they post about. There are three people involved in running the blog, but since they want to protect their identity and post anonymously, they post by the letters LF, LR and MG. They post about important topics and stand up for those affected by them. I truly think everyone can learn something from their blog so please check it out if you haven't already.

The members of this blog wrote separate answers so that we could get to know each individual better. MG is not a writer so didn't answer the questions, but nevertheless she contributes to this wonderful blog so deserves acknowledgement. LF's answers will be in green and LR's answers will be in blue

Now lets get on to the actual Q&A:

Some bloggers experiment with different blogging styles before deciding on one genre or blog. Have you had a previous blog or any previous experience with blogging?

LF - I have actually had one blog before. I didnt have a theme really, but I wrote about make up, things I was interested in, advice (not brilliantly) and little snapshots of some exciting days from my summer. I only wrote about 10 posts but it was a very cringy blog so I removed it. I have strongly been considering starting up another personal blog and even set one up, but I am so pleased with how this one is going that I cant be disloyal to it!

LR - I haven't really had any previous experience with blogging, I have a tumblr if that counts (which it doesn't really). My experience I guess, if this counts, is just writing. I do a lot of writing and that's how I came to blogging.

How did you all meet and what were your first impressions of each other?

LF - The three of us all met when we were very young, maybe around 1 year old or before! I dont remember ever meeting the others, but they just kind of have been here since I can remember. The other two are like an additional part of me that I could never be without, although we had been apart for several years due to being at separate schools. I guess if I could make first impressions now, they would be:
MG - quirky, excitable and endearing
LR - gentle, warm and kind-hearted
Both of them  beautiful people. Both inside and out.
I love them both to the moon and back!

LR - This one is a hard one because I think we all met in like playgroup, which is when we were about one years old! So I have to say that I dont know what my first impressions were of either LF or MG, they are my oldest friends!

Was there one specific thing that made you want to start a blog, or were there lots of small things that lead up to it?

LF - We were all sitting in my house having a really deep discussion about how we want to do something good in the world. We also had been speaking about problems such as the negative labels attached to so many issues and the fact that not everyone is aware of such problems. The blog was a bit of an impulse - LR said that she wanted to create a blog maybe, then I think it was me who suggested we all make a joint blog. Together we came up with the name and the about me box, then we wrote our introductory post together. The rest is all history!

LR - I think I had an overwhelming desire to start a blog that spoke about things that I feel arent being dealt with by other people. I guess you could say that it was small things Id noticed up until that point, just more and more issues that passed me, which I could see werent being spoken about, that I wanted to speak about, but didnt know how to go about it.

Do you have a song that you secretly like to jam out to, but never admit that you actually like?

LF - This is really funny actually, because that almost summarizes all the music on my phone! I have such an eclectic music taste, which mainly consists of show-tunes from any and every musical, some Taylor Swift, The Beatlesthe list goes on! I have no shame though, and Im really loving the Into The Woods soundtrack at the moment.

LR - Um, thats a hard one. I dont think so. Im a secret country lover I think. Also I really like s-club7 is that bad? Ooopss.

If you could direct anyone to your blog and they were guaranteed to read it, who would you want to read it?

LF - Oh wow thats so hardId quite like Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Louise Pentland (SprinkleofGlitter) or Carrie Hope Fletcher. They are the main 3 that inspire me on a day to day basis, all for different reasons. Zoe for her uplifting and positive nature, Louise for all the help she has given me with being body positive and dressing to suit my (curvy) shape, and Carrie for motivating me to be the performer that I aspire to be.

LR - Hmm Celebrity wise, I think either Troian Bellisario because I think acting wise shes incredibly talented, and also on a human level, if thats a thing, she is a really inspirational person. She stands for things that I stand for, and is a really positive celebrity role model. Apart from Troian, I think Taylor Swift. I wrote a post about Taylor a while ago, and I think she is genuinely the most compassionate, giving person, and she has a massive fan base, which would be an amazing way of spreading our blog and getting ourselves out there. Tay, if youre reading this by any chance, Id be eternally grateful (wink emoticon)

Lot's of bloggers eventually start to venture off into the world of YouTube. Do you currently have a channel or would you ever start?

LF - I secretly have already set one up (shhh!) which I MIGHT be starting up soon to share music and maybe some beauty/theatre-y stuffthere is quite a lot that is holding me back from doing it though, so it may not even happen!

LR - So firstly, I have to say that I dont really understand vlogging or technology that well aha. So vlogging wouldnt be for me, and also its just not something I would enjoy. Im camera shy at the best of times, so yeah, I have to say I dont see youtube in my future.

If someone invented a time machine and said that you could use it, would you travel back in time or into the future?

LF - I think I would travel to the future - but not the distant future. Id like to see what 21 year old me is up to, not 31+ year old me!

LR - Oh this is a hard one, because I would want to go to the past to see some of my favourite people from history such as Nelson Mandela and Florence Nightingale and witness their awesomeness. But then I would also like to go to the future just to see what its like.

If you had the ability to make any fictional character come to life, who would you choose? 

LF - Probably Phoebe from Friends. The three of us adore the show and I feel like I could learn so much from her  not just her teaching me the guitar, but I could learn a lot from her values and her friendly, outgoing, open-hearted nature that I have always admired.

LR - OhMyGosh. I have to be honest, I have no idea where to start. Id like to meet Jane Eyre after studying her for a year, is that weird? Id also like to meet Katniss Everdeen because I think shes awesome! Oh Spencer Hastings (from Pretty Little Liars) is definitely one. Sorry, I know you said just one, but I cant jut pick one haha. Ooh I think thats all I can think of right now!

Would you rather have thousands of people follow your blog but never leave any comments, or thousands of people leave comments but have no followers.

LF - I would have thousands of people leaving comments. This is because followers may not be engaging with the material that you put on your blog, whereas once people have commented, you can see that they have read the post and responded to it.

LR - I think I would say comments, because then I know that the people commenting are reading my blogs, and I would get feedback. I would know that I would be personally touching people, as confirmed by the feedback, so that would be really nice! I love when people comment now, it makes my day!

What message are you trying to get across with your blog?

LF - I feel that the three of us (this is me not having seen the answers yet) believe that our aim lies within our name. We truly do want to silence the stigma from so many different issues that should not be problems within our society. We have such passionate thoughts through personal experiences and through observing the world around us that we needed to release into the world. We wanted to be able to help at least one person, and then our aim is complete.

LR - I think there are a few messages. The main ones are: It is okay to speak about things that not everyone speaks about because the only way to change how taboo these subjects are, is to speak about them. I also want to educate people about issues they might not be familiar with. And I guess the biggest is that I want people to know that they are important, and any issue that is affecting them is heard, is important and is valid. Looking back, if I had been reading my blog during parts of my life, I would have found it really useful and also it would have made me feel validated. I guess  I just want to give that to other people. What I write almost always has a basis for something I have experienced, and that is really important to me.

Another thing I love about these members is how close they all are. You can tell they're great friends who all get along well. Thank you so much LF, LR and MG for taking part and thank you so much for everyone reading this xxx