Saturday, 2 April 2016

Cocomelody: Backless Wedding Dresses

Today I'm really delighted to share with you guys a company that I'm really liking the look of called Cocomelody. This company has been an expert in producing excellent dresses in the Wedding industry for over 15 years. Pretty impressive right!

I could seriously spend all day browsing through their website. Each of their collections are designed to perfection, and the layout of their photos are so aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention the fact that all the dresses look to be exceptional quality. 

Since Cocomelody specialise in Wedding couture, I decided to talk about the selection of backless wedding dresses that I've found on their website. There are the perfect styles to make a statement on the most magical day of your life, whilst still keeping that classy, elegant look.

Another one of their designs that I particularly like are their open back wedding dresses. As you can tell from their website, they offer a wide range of different styles. These include trumpet-mermaid, A-line, train-tulle, and dresses of all different lengths and sizes. It's pretty clear that any Brides to Be could find their dream wedding dress, no matter what their style, because there's truly something special for everyone.

And I'm excited to share with you that if you use the code "A40" you are able to get 40% off $249+ wedding dresses. So have a look while you still can. 

Thank you very much for reading this post. If you're like me and not planning on getting married any time soon, I hope you still enjoyed browsing through what Cocomelody has to offer. Let's face it -  no one can resist looking at pictures of pretty dresses! 

Let me know in the comments what you think of these gorgeous dresses and which style is your favourite.

Izzy K xxx