Saturday, 26 September 2015

Real Techniques Core Collection

As I needed to build up my makeup brush collection, I decided to buy the Core Collection kit from Real Techniques because I've heard they're the best drugstore brushes out there. Let's see my thoughts on them...

I ordered these brushes from Superdrug for £20.99, and when you think about it, that's a great price for 4 brushes. I had one brush from Real Techniques before and loved it, so I had my eyes on this kit for quite some time.


This set comes with a handy little case/stand. When it is in the stand form I find it very practical because it's an easy way to keep your brushes organised. The case is very flexible so it can be horizontally bent to form a stand.

When bent vertically, this stand doubles as a case, which makes it ideal for travelling. However, I do find that because its not enclosed on the side, the brushes could potentially get damaged and bristled whilst travelling. 

Detailer Brush:

This is seriously the most adorable brush I've ever seen because it's so tiny. This brush can be used to precisely apply concealer or lipstick. Personally, I've only used it for concealer, because I find concealer easier to clean off brushes than lipstick. But I still think it's cool that it can be used for either. 

Pointed Foundation Brush:

This brush is extremely soft and the shape of it makes application very easy because it's flat and pointed. Although it's meant for foundation, I personally find this brush too small for foundation and use it for concealer instead. 

Buffer Brush:

This is the perfect brush to apply powder and mineral foundation. I find it extremely soft so it leaves an airbrushed look on your skin and applies makeup evenly. In fact, I think it's the softest makeup brush I own. 

Contour Brush:

This brush can be used for contouring (obviously), blush and bronzer. I much prefer this brush to bronzer brushes when contouring because I have a really small face and normal bronzer brushes take up my whole check. This is a fantastic brush for detailed contouring. 

I'm absolutely chuffed that I made this purchase because I think it was a great investment. I would rate the brushes themselves a 10/10 because they perfectly apply makeup. However I would rate the set itself a 9/10, only because the writing of the brush names on the side has faded slightly and the fact that the case remains open on the sides. However, I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially if they're just starting out with makeup and need a brush set to begin with. Thank you for reading, and if you have these brushes yourself, what do you think of them?

Izzy K xxx