Saturday, 24 June 2017

Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

One thing I really need to invest more in is hair care. I need to invest both time learning about what is good for my hair, as well as money in actual products. I wanted to start looking after my hair better by switching to a healthier shampoo.

Thanks for the shampoo Jerry ;)

The first place I thought about using is Lush, due to their natural ingredients and animal friendly products. Since I have highlighted hair, I decided to pick up their purple shampoo called Daddy-O. The price of this product ranges from £5.95 for 100g to £32.50 for 1kg

This product contains natural ingredients, such as lemon and lime juice which are beneficial in adding brightness for your hair. At first, I was worried that these juices would dry out my hair, but I found this shampoo actually does the opposite of that. From the first time using this shampoo, I realized my hair already had more volume, bounce and life in it compared to when I use drugstore shampoos.

Although this shampoo is designed for blondes and silver hair, it can most definitely be used on any hair colour. Compared to other purple shampoos on the market, this one won't actually change the colour of your hair at all. I just find the colour is not strong enough to actually do that. But what I will say is that instead of taking the brassy tones out of your hair, it does a good job of maintaining your hair to stop the tones forming in the first place.

And can I just say how good this shampoo smells?! It genuinely smells like you're rubbing Parma Violet sweets on your hair. And I've received so many compliments that I smell good, and have deduced that the smell people were complimenting was actually this shampoo.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product and have actually brought another, bigger bottle of this shampoo. In my books, it gets a 9/10 and I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Have you ever tried any lush products? If so let me know in the comments,

Izzy K xxx