Saturday, 17 June 2017

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Mascara

Soap & Glory is slowly becoming one of my favourite brands, with each product that I try impressing me more than the last. A few years ago actually, I tried this very product and I was so pleased with the results so I wanted to pick it up again to see if I still had the same thoughts about it.

The Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen Coat Mascara can be purchased from boots for £10.50. 

My first impression of this mascara is that the wand makes it very easy to apply. Lot's of product is applied at once, so there is no need to pile loads of layers on top of each other. However, the bristles of the brush make sure it is completely clump free.

The thing about this product that really grabbed my attention is how long and full it truly makes your lashes look. I remember always being asked whether I'm wearing false eyelashes when I used to wear this mascara, and I can see why. It just makes your lashes longer, but still natural looking. When I want a look to be dramatic, all I have to do is pop a couple of layers on.

The lasting power of this mascara is incredible, and I never ever ever find it smudging to give that desirable panda-eye look! And the packaging is something that I find impressive too. I don't know why, but gold always screams "classy" to me. 

Overall I would rate this product a 9/10 and it is definitely the best drugstore mascara I've tried. I honestly don't know why I stopped using this mascara in the first place, but I know that is something that I'll be repurchasing from now on. I hope you enjoyed this review, and let me know if you've tried this product before in the comments,

Izzy K xxx