Monday, 21 July 2014

Colour Adapt by Max Factor

A few weeks ago I brought the foundation Colour Adapt by Max Factor. This is the first Max Factor product I have ever tried as I usually stick to brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline. However, I wanted to try something new to use for my school prom. 

Colour Adapt in the shade "Blushing Beige"

The price for this product at Superdrug, where I brought it, is £9.99. After trying it I would say that it is well worth the money. I really like the fact that it comes in a plastic case because its useful when traveling. No more worries that case will smash, spilling foundation everywhere.

This foundation is by far the most natural looking one I've ever tried. Even when a fair amount is applied it still looks and feels light on my skin. Somehow it covers you're skin so you look airbrushed without giving away the fact that you've slapped on a load of makeup!

Unfortunaltley when I brought this particular shade I was in a hurry so didnt have time to test it to make sure it was my exact skin colour. Although at first this shade looks slightly pink on my skin, after a tad of blending it still managed to match.  Luckily it really does mean what it says with "colour adapt" so you can still get away with a slight miss-match when you chose your shade. 

Truthfully, it works better if you still cover blemishes, spots and dark circles with concealer before hand. Also, I advise to use a good primer and/or powder to make sure it stays put all day long. Other thank that this foundation seems to be ideal for all skin types; dry, oily, spotty, clear, you name it! 

I will definitely be buying this foundation again (but possibly in a different shade) and I recommend it to literally anyone because I believe it would be ideal for everyone. Overall a good product to try and I'll give it an 8/10

Thank you for reading and do my best to answer any questions in the comments!