Thursday, 24 July 2014

Matte Nail Paint

Last weekend  I finally decided to join the matte craze and buy a matte top coat for my nails. I brought the Matte Nail Paint by Barry M. It was an affordable price of just £3.99.
I like the fact that it is a clear top coat so it can be used with all nail colours. To use it you simply paint your nails with a polish of your choice and then, when thats dry, use the Matte Nail Paint as a top coat. It works by taking the shine out of the polish leaving a cute matte effect. Not to mention it dries in no time!
Without Matte Nail Paint

With Matte Nail Paint

As it is a top coat, it prevents your nail polish from chipping so it lasts longer. However, I found it quite difficult to remove afterwards. The nail polish remover turns it sticky making it hard to wipe off. 

This is a really sweet, little product and ideal for anyone who likes to add effects to their nails. I would rate it a 9/10 and will deffinately be buying it again. 

Thank you for reading and I'll answer any questions in the comments xxx