Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What is this blog?


My name is Izzy and I decided to start this blog to share my views on a variety of things. This is not my first blog as at the start of the year I decided to start a blog called that is simply called "Izzy K" ( its an original name I know!) . The link is here and its a sort of personal blog and a way for me to really express myself. 

However that's not what this blog will be about. Here I'll post reviews because its always useful to here a non-bias opinion of someone who's tried a product before you buy it. Ill write my honest opinion on anything that I find will be interesting. The ratings will be out of 10 and I will say if I would recommend it at the end of the post. 

I've got lots and lots of ideas of what I can review but am always open to suggestions anyway. Hopefully the products will be as fun to read about as they are to write about!