Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Nails That Have Taken My pInterest

Excuse the punny title I just thought I was being hilarious! Today's post, since it's Halloween (happy Halloween btw) will be my favourite Halloween nail designs.

*None of these are my own because I'm super untalented at doing nails and all credit goes to the creator themselves*

I went to my beloved Pinterest to get some nail inspiration and here are some creepy, but awesome nails that I found which are perfect for this time of year!

To be honest you could wear these nails all year round, but I especially love them at this time of year. The two colours that are ombred together definitely work well for Halloween, and they would still be suitable to wear after Halloween too. 

I love when nails have different designs on the ring finger because I just think it makes the whole manicure look so much more intersting. The black and sparkly nails look so elegant and the amazingly detailed spider's web definitely gives it a spooky look. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with these nails because they just scream "Halloween". I think it's also really cool that each pumpkin is a different colour because, again, it just makes the whole thing a bit more interesting to look at. 

How cool are these neon green nails. If I had this nail colour I'd totally give it a go myself. Again, I love that the ring finger has a different design. And if Frankenstein nails aren't perfect for Halloween, then I don't know what it!

Arrghhh how gorgeous are these nails?!? I love their pointed shape and of course the fact that their black and matte. To be honest, I'd wear these nails all year round, but they are still ideal for Halloween. 

Sorry if it seemed like I was being lazy by using other people's pictures, but I really wanted to do a nail inspiration post for Halloween this year. My nails are so short and damaged at the moment, and let's be real, ain't no one gonna want a nail tutorial with the state that my nails are in.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post gave you a bit of inspiration. How have you done your nails for today?

Izzy K xxx