Saturday, 3 October 2015

Q&A With Evangalina bows 12

Hello everyone! Today I'm here with a wonderful YouTuber that I've been loving under the channel name Evangelina Bows12. You can just tell that she puts so much effort into her videos and she definitely deserves more renegotiation.

This video called 8 Things I Hate About School really made me laugh :)

Here are the questions that I asked, and she answered :

Starting a YouTube channel is either a spontaneous decision, or something that people think about for ages beforehand. How long did it take you to start a channel?

It took me a pretty long time to make my channel and I had to wait a while for my filming equipment and in all that time taken I was able to convince myself I was actually going to make my channel. 

Would you rather spend an entire day with your favourite band, but you wouldn't be able to film or take pictures with them, or spend an hour filming a youtube video with them? 

I would rather film a video with them I think it would make a great memory to share and look back to.

What made you decide on your username and did you have a previous username?

This was my first pick for a username, and it took a while but I knew I wanted my middle name (Evangelina) and my favourite number (12) in it for sure.

Where do you get your inspiration for your videos? Is it from things you've experienced in your everyday life, something someone said, another YouTuber, or something else?

I get inspired from all of the above actually, if I see something that would make a great addition to my videos I'll do it. 

If you could swap lives with one person, also meaning that you looked like them and they looked like you for a day, who would you choose?

I would life as Eva because she's such an inspiration and seems like she's always doing something super fun. 

Do you remember who the first person you subscribed to on youtube was, and if so who was it?

I believe the first person I had ever subscribed to was Bethany Mota which is crazy because you see how far she got today and how much her channel has grown I'm really proud of her. 

How many people in your personal life know about your YouTube? Is it a secret or do you let everyone know?

I think about 15 people it varies from friends and family, and I don't go crazy talking about my channel but I don't exactly keep it a secret either haha. 

What genre of music do you listen to the most often? 

The genre of music I listen to is honestly all kinds it can range from country to rap, from hip-hop to light rock.

What do you think about blogging and did you ever consider trying it for yourself?

I actually quite like blogging a lot. I was thinking about making a blogging channel in the future when I have more subscribers. 

It's always nice to have little goals with your hobbies. Is there one particular milestone you're hoping to reach with your YouTube channel?

I'm hoping to one day hit around 1000 subscribers, it may be a big mile stone at the moment but I have a gut feeling I'll get there sometime. 

Thank you so much Jocelyn for answering these questions. I highly recommend you checking out her channel because she's so talented at making videos and deserves loads more subscribers. I will see you guys soon and thank you for reading. 

Izzy K xxx